• A chic bohemian bride through and through. I love the styling she did for herself and I am extremely glad to be part of this wedding!

    Pics by The beautiful Moment Photography

    • It’s always nice to get acknowledgment for my work early in the year. I promise to keep myself updated with the newest trends and have beautiful confident brides  on their wedding day.  Thank you Her World magazine for the feature.



      • What is better to restart the blog writing with an interracial marriage? Fadilah had me for both her ROM and her actual day wedding. It is always very fun to do weddings especially for other races because most of my clients are Chinese and I do like to do like do do something different once in a while. Fadilah had a cozy ROM solemnization in Sentosa and at One Rochester for her actual day. We had flowers in her hair for a garden whimsical look. Makeup is kept natural with just alittle smokey eye makeup to enhance her eyes. I guess this is the natural look that modern Malay brides like to have nowadays so they look radiant and more like themselves on their wedding day :)

        Actual day pictures by We made these
        Rom pictures by The Beautiful Moments
        Gowns by Nurita Harith



        • Its not often that 2 brides are featured one after the other on The Wedding Scoop website so it definitely deserves a big mention here.

          Genevieve had her cosy modern glam wedding at The White Rabbit last year. It was a delight working with her for her solemnization and again for her wedding day. Genevieve emailed me on the same night she was the jiemei for her best friend’s wedding when she found out I was the makeup artist that evening. It was really pleasant to be working with Genevieve as she famously told me “once i saw the vendor I like, I will trust her opinions 100%” . And I think we had a fabulous time exploring the different looks for her solemnization and wedding day.

          12718380_1033872236685949_4323027957293372244_n 12734165_1033871560019350_2928113340947843639_n

          Check out her fabulous pictures from the link. And of course, the talented vendors who made this possible
          Pics by Eggs Benedict Chan
          Gown by Jessicacindy
          Styling and flowers by Amperian

          Another equally beautiful wedding happened this year at Shangrila. Clarence and Nari –  A union of Korean and Singaporean culture and traditions.

          Nari found me quite last min and doing trials for brides of different nationalities are always alittle challenging because they do have different taste and requirements. Korean makeup focus on perfect porcelain skin with gradual lips and minimal blush. Hairstyles tend to be neat and very structured.


          13043405_1136687716362938_687609182023038272_n   14720520_1515355148478765_3521973116809760612_n  14720552_1515355011812112_1834196551914689416_n14650362_1515355401812073_5111080136451199757_n14642163_1515356068478673_4863652965579016945_n14702259_1515355155145431_8890983547064226047_n


          For more pictures do visit The Wedding Scoop
          Pics by Multifolds Photography
          Gown by Truly Enamoured

          And Nari is very sweet to leave me a testimony in Bridestory. So do check out her comments :)

          Nari’s Review for Cleo

          • This year I had to fly back to Taiwan very often for personal reasons and I took the opportunity to take hair styling upgrading courses.

            So its a new stage of experimenting with new techniques and evolving my style. If I am going to describe the new direction I am going for, it will be styling with ease, carefree and no rules. This sounds very vague when my teacher voice her ideals out to me, but I believe that is taking hairstyling to a next level. It comes with lots of airy texture that is more sift and free flowy that I usually had done it. huiting2 huitingevening YeelianI hope everyone will love the changes because I really do.prewed2hannah hairgene michelle hair michelle night prewed

            • Ten years ago, I made up my mind to be a makeup artist.

              I told myself I will be one of the best in Singapore. On hindsight, I think I should have set my sights higher, oh well, I was a little girl back then. I was notified that I am selected to be one of the top 30, then top 20 makeup artist in Singapore and recently top 10 in one of the wedding websites. I think this is a pretty good encouragement.

              By Singapore Brides, listed as Top 30


              By Leila May


              Finally this year 2016 by The Wedding Vow, Top 10

              Top 10 Wedding Makeup and Hair Stylists in Singapore

              • It seems to be a trend, I asked the bride where her wedding is going be held and if she says The White Rabbit, a few moments later, I will see Yu Hsin popping around the corner taking pictures.

                It took me a few brides to notice our couples are always at The White Rabbit. It’s funny and I am pretty sure it meant something. So here we are, a collection of the fabulous brides we have worked with walking down the aisle in The White Rabbit. And of course all these dreamy pictures by Yu Hsin from Tinydot Photography

                Julien and Theora Married

                1558466_10153646258570181_781993530_n 1555579_10153646262140181_841622549_n733852_10153646260935181_2001485523_n

                Noel and Yen Li Married

                12316320_10156280214725181_3488499548736697353_n 12294887_10156280215690181_8486321025988898426_n12289632_10156280215780181_7028482858442689571_n 12342381_10156280215915181_6003565182705242870_n

                Paul and Magdalena Married












                IMG-20160229-WA0017 IMG-20160229-WA0016 IMG-20160229-WA0015

                • As always, Chinese new year is a time for me to look back at the past year and appreciate the tremendous support and trust everyone had placed on me.

                  To my brides: Thank you for the lovely support. Your trust made my work easier – because you gave me freedom to create. At the same time, that trust demands me to constantly improve my skills and foresight in order to exceed your expectations. Like I always say, my brides are my best teachers and motivators. Without you, I will not be able to do what I love. So Thank you for fueling my passion and aspirations.

                  To all the vendors; photographers, videographers, wedding planners, florists, gown designers whom I had cross paths last year, it has always been nice to work with familiar faces, or get to know an aspiring new talent in the industry. Everyone’s creativity and talent is always inspiring and all our efforts are what made weddings so beautiful. We create dreams and I look forward to work with the familiar and the new in 2016


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                  • It must have really meant something when we kept seeing each other in 2015. We counted, its a total of 6 weddings and 2 major wedding events – Crate & Barrel and The Wedding Scoop event.

                    There is a noticeable similarity in our couples. The weddings are always small and intimate. Our brides have this whimsical bohemian vibe – think flowy gowns, wild flowers, creative intricate art and impeccable taste. These reflect in their taste for Samuel’s quiet yet impactful portraits, capturing the raw emotions these couples causally portray before his lens.

                    Thank you for the pictures, it had been a great year working with you and I look forward to more :) Now, let us feast on the wonderful pictures and click for more at Samuel Goh Photography

                    Vanessa Married – Fullerton Hotel

                    SamuelGohPhotography-Ivan+Vanessa-22 SamuelGohPhotography-Ivan+Vanessa-101 SamuelGohPhotography-Ivan+Vanessa-241 SamuelGohPhotography-Ivan+Vanessa-451 SamuelGohPhotography-Ivan+Vanessa-531 SamuelGohPhotography-Ivan+Vanessa-788


                    Angeline Married – Chijmes
                    11216595_10153041104250869_2155057179462874425_n 11828632_10153041103905869_9177365423150846758_n 11855710_10153041104475869_8355249895560140331_nSing lynn Married – One Rochester

                    Samuel Goh Photography - Sing Lynn + Angus-61 Samuel Goh Photography - Sing Lynn + Angus-233 Samuel Goh Photography - Sing Lynn + Angus-234

                    Stella Pre-wedding – Bontanical Gardens

                    SamuelGohPhotography-Stella+Sherman-12 SamuelGohPhotography-Stella+Sherman-17 SamuelGohPhotography-Stella+Sherman-80 SamuelGohPhotography-Stella+Sherman-89 SamuelGohPhotography-Stella+Sherman-155Jazreel Pre-wedding – For The Wedding Scoop

                    SamuelGohPhotography-Jazreel+Leroy-2 SamuelGohPhotography-Jazreel+Leroy-11 SamuelGohPhotography-Jazreel+Leroy-14 SamuelGohPhotography-Jazreel+Leroy-47 SamuelGohPhotography-Jazreel+Leroy-62 SamuelGohPhotography-Jazreel+Leroy-69

                    • The wedding industry is small and saturated. There are always new blood coming in yet somehow we always get to meet the same group of people.

                      For the coming few entries, I am dedicating a blog post each to the few photographers that I am lucky to work with several times in 2015 and be glad to call them my friends. And to avoid nepotism – Not that I have that power of course but to avoid misunderstanding, sequence of blog post is not in order of favoritism. Is only a matter of how many pictures I have on hand right now and I really want to finish this before Chinese new year. It is based on practicality.

                      This blog post is dedicated to Superpanda Presents , Joseph for his friendship and thank you for taking and sending me so many beautiful pictures. Looking through the entire album, I appreciate how he captures the emotions of his couples so causally and naturally and of course his beautiful portraiture of the couples always make me swoons.

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