• There is this special quality in Thai ladies. I have been very lucky to work with a few brides from Thailand, a fashion designer from Thailand as well, and they are all so nice to be with. I couldn’t really communicate with Nanaporn but with her husband’s help, I think I pretty much nailed it.

    I think this hairstyle will be a great hit with the ladies out there. Soft flowy large curls to frame her face. One thing to note about this hairstyle is that unless your hair is dry and alittle damaged, your hair might not be able to hold the curls for a very long time. Nana’s hair is rather hard in texture so she carry off this look extremely well :)

    Pictures by Mosaic Studios by Sherman

    • Yes, you have seen her in the fabulous series of the pre-wedding shots. Now comes her actual day wedding pictures. Charmaine likes the Korean look but yet something fresh. I have to admit a few Korean styles does tend to be more mature. In the end, we settle for a small high bun with a simple hairband for actual day morning. For he second march in, it was a side hairdo to keep the fresh sweet look.

      Thank you for sending the pictures Charmaine :)

      Pictures by Tinydot photography – KC Wong

      • When you are blessed with such good features, there is really nothing much the makeup artist need to do. I envy Vanessa’s big almond shaped eyes.

        It was really a pleasure to be your makeup artist Vanessa. You look great in the States. Become prettier than ever and come back Singapore for your Chinese wedding ya? Thanks so much for the pictures as well :)

        • A few years ago, I had written a blog entry stating I am no longer posting before and after pictures on my blog. I thought I left that behind me. Recently I received requests for before and after pictures again which prompted me to reflect my stance.

          Awhile ago, a bride did a makeup trial and she took the before and after pictures for her own viewing. She gamely sent the picture to me ( I didn’t asked for it so I was a little surprised) and bless my little heart. Even though I was the makeup artist, I didnt expect to see the such a transformation. You see, in my tiny brain when I am working, it is to improve and improve. That is all I was thinking about.

          I know if I post such before and after pictures on my blog, there will be an audience..

          So I went back and look at that blog entry and reflect if I made the right choice. Do I want people to say, Oh your makeup artist have such good skills!! I look down at the picture and think, yes, people will say that. Then I covered up the before picture, I imagine people saying to my bride that day, Oh, you looked beautiful.

          I still prefer the second. I do not need people to be awed at my skills. My brides are that beautiful.


          • Alene got married in the church which I had admired for a long time. It was an old church so there were no air conditioning = easy-to-maintain hairstyle for the bride.

            We had a side chignon which went very well with her tea ceremony mermaid white gown. For her evening look, it was a classic bun up to go with her princess flowy dress. Her second march in was alittle sexier with a little smokey eye makeup and a let down hairdo.

            Pictures by Embrace Pictures

            Photo booth by Hello Strangers

            • I am starting to realize that I have not even posted pictures of my brides who had hitched in January. In the past, I constantly worries that I do not have enough pictures for my portfolio so I only post once a week. Now, there are these backlogs that I feel ashamed of myself.

              So expect more frequent updates from my sides. It is going to be end of the year soon. Time pass by so quickly.

              On a totally unrelated note, I was doing my usual research online. Sometimes I will look at the works of other makeup artists, in Singapore and overseas. Everyone has their own unique style. And each of us, do have our customer base. Sometimes I will think, do I have to branch out more, be more adventurous in my style so I can capture more client base? But again, I will never want to put my brides in anything that I will not wear/do (unless requested). So I was thinking, on my wedding day, do I want to be in a hairstyle that is so out of the norm that scares my husband away? You know, you thought it will be romantic, my husband looking out of the window and I walked towards him, he turned his head and “WAH”. I scared him.

              Well, I guess I got my conclusion. Natural is still what I want to do, and what I do best :)

              Braids are so in right now. I wanna do something like this. Anyone?

              • Elisa for her actual day evening. A all let down hairdo for her 1st march in. It was paired with a feathery accessories to add a touch of sweetness to pair her short gown. For her 2nd march in, gosh it was difficult to pull off as she was wearing a Michelle Hui gown with lined crystals at the back of her gown. For her classic clean bridal gown, I had her hair all up into a messy bun and paired it with a small crystal tiara. Elegant yet sweet.

                • Amelia won me over with her awesome smile and her friendly demeanor. I had fun listening to their love story. Amelia met her husband when she was in secondary school and they always at the same bus stop since they were neighbors. Ok, how romantic is that?

                  For her wedding gown, we chose a moderate bun for a more regent look to suit her Aline Lace gown. For her evening, it is a darker eye makeup with braiding for a bohemian look.

                  Pictures by Tinydot Photography –  Dazza

                  • Elisa for her actual day morning. Natural radiant makeup and a clean swept hairdo for a youthful refreshed look. Hair is braided for the soft look and top off with a few fresh flowers.

                    • Debbie has this regent look. With this clean swept bun, top with a pearl tiara to suit her lace gown, she does look like a Queen for her actual day morning. For her evening look, it was a bright blue Grecian gown. We chose a let down her hair for a softer look and she does look very soft and pretty :)