• Alene, a petite and sophisticated bride marries the then-famous-SAJC-Ruby player. I think everyone in my year should know Johnathan. Imagine my surprise when he walked out of the room while I was doing the final touches of Alene’s makeup.

    I am very attracted by Alene’s soft spoken and calm demeanor. So to match her personality and hher princess fluffy gown and her causal wear for her prewedding we had a side let down hairdo with a bit of a curl for that feminine look. Love the romantic feel of these pictures. Some couples just have the romantic feel.

    Pictures by Wee Kwang from Wishwander Photography

    • A followed up post of Siew Cheng’s actual day.

      Lovely pictures from Multifolds photography


        A break from the norm. We had a slightly heavier eye makeup for Siew Cheng for her actual day. Siew Cheng wanted to emphasize more on her eyes so we kept the rest very natural and rosy. Her hair was kept soft for a romantic look. I didn’t have a chance to take the back but hopefully more pictures will come to show more of her gorgeous moments. Love that winning smile.

        • Here is Callie for her actual day evening look. Most brides would like to have an updo in the morning and then a let down at night for a different look. But Callie wanted both updos for a more classic look. She has such a small face and big doe eyes so I wanted the attention to be on her face. The hairdo is a clean updo with braiding to create some texture and a ribbon hairpiece to complete her look. Simplicity with a tint of playfulness :)

          • A hands-on themed wedding! Cindy knew she wanted a bird cage veil way before her wedding so we designed a more fashionable hairstyle. We had a tousled updo for her church wedding completed with her cute baby blue and pink poms which were handmade by her friend to match the wedding colors. We had smokey eyes makeup and lips are kept nudish pink. Real Chic.

            • Callie has big doe eyes. Those double eyelids that people are dying to have. And next, a very very small face. It was little wonder the photographer mentioned that she looks like Jolin Tsai. We chosen a Korean low hairdo for her morning to go with her princess gown. I put special emphasis on her eyes as I want to highlight how pretty they are. The rest are kept at a natural blush.

              • Yun Zhen for her actual day wedding. She has fabulous skin so her makeup is kept very minimal just to have more radiance. Her hairstyle for the day is curled up into a messy bun for an elegant yet fun look. For the luncheon, we opt for a more volumized hairdo to complement her glamorous gowns.

                • My dad (who doesn’t know a single thing about makeup) commented to me last night, “You must use quality cosmetics so your brides will have faith in you”.

                  Then I told him I just depotted my eye shadows from their original cases because they were too heavy. He gave me an extreme eyeroll. :roll:

                  Well, the story goes like this. My makeup luggage is just getting heavier and heavier over time when as I am fanatically buying more and more colors. Especially for Chanel cases, which are targeted to normal consumers, their glossy black glamorous cases are so pretty but so heavy and bulky. Shu Umera and Bobbi Brown which are for professional makeup artists are packaged in a way that are more user-friendly.

                  Hence, I decided to depot all my colors and arrange them according to shades into a compact case. Firstly it lightens my load and secondly, I save time from rampaging through my makeup cases looking for the colors.

                  I have my fears that customers might think I am using cheap products after I depotted the colors. So I try to avoid using the centre of the Chanel eyeshadow so the Chanel logo is still visible and try to flash the logo at the customers so they know they are really quality makeup I am using. So scheming right?

                  For a peace of mind, just like to have a post here to show my makeup are all from reputable brands. I like using colors from Chanel and Bobbi Brown. Occasionally, I will drift to Shu Umera and my current favorite is from Burberry.

                  So do not worry about the products and let’s all enjoy the makeup process.


                  • Here are some frequently asked questions.

                    Q) Why do I need to give a deposit?

                    A)  I will require a deposit in order to reserve the time slot for you. You can call the deposit as a “Seal of Trust”. When you have given me the deposit, you have confirmed my services while I confirm my attendance to you. I do know that sometimes customers feel uncomfortable about transferring the deposit but it is necessary if you want to ensure a timeslot for you especially if your special day is on a very popular date. Your appointment will only be confirmed upon receiving of deposit,  not confirmation of trials.

                    I apologize if it causes any inconvenience but hope you will understand as this is also an avenue for me to confirm my appointments.

                    Q) Does your packages include makeup trial?

                    A) My package details which I will send to every bride clearly states every services and peripherals included in the package. My bridal packages only include hair trials. Makeup trial is not included. If required, it will be an additional charge of SGD 100.

                    Q) If I do not require ampoules and/or faux eyelashes, will there be a discount?

                    A) Unfortunately, no discount or reduction of rate will be given. To say the truth, my rates are independent of the peripherals (except for the early morning surcharges) that are in my packages. I like to think it is my services you are paying for.

                    Q) How much do you charge for groom’s makeup and hair?

                    A) I provide complimentary makeup/touch up for grooms in the evening or in the event where there is no gate crashing in the morning (I have to leave before the groom comes in). I do not do hair styling for men though. Reason being, honestly I am not trained in men’s hair. And men having to style their hair everyday have their strong convictions of which direction their hair should be facing which I could not fathom. Naturally this cause me to give up trying to understand what men want. (pun intended)

                    Q) Is a makeup trial necessary?

                    A) I always find it difficult to answer this question. It is really up to one’s own discretion. I can only say my style is more naturalistic. A heavier makeup would be a more smokier eye makeup for the evening. If you are comfortable with what you see, then a makeup trial is not necessary. But I leave this for you to decide. A point to note, a confirmation for a makeup trial does not assure you of a booking for your actual date. Only a deposit will confirm the time slot for you.

                    Q) Where and when will the hair trial be held?

                    A) Venue could be your place or mine, subject to changes. It would be held on weekends or public holidays only. As most of you might have known, I do have a full time job so I can only be available for trials on weekends or public holidays only.

                    Q) When is it best to arrange a trial with you?

                    A) Again, this depends. Some brides choose to do trials to determine if they are to choose a certain makeup artist. If this is the case, I will recommend you to start 1 year before your wedding date to prevent her from being booked away especially on popular dates. If you decided to have this particular makeup artist and had already given your deposit, a trial in this case will be to determine what are the suitable makeups and hairstyles for you on your wedding day. Then, it will be great if you can arrange a trial just about 1 month before your wedding day as your hair length, complexion and dress will not altered too much as on your wedding day.

                    Q) What can I do with my hair?


                    – Please refrain from rebonding your hair!! I know some brides find their flyaway hair a nuisance and wanted to tame them by rebonding. However that would not help in the hairstyling process. Rebonding changes the hair texture, making the hair difficult to hold on to curls. The hair will be straighten faster than normal hair textures. So if you want different hairstyles for your wedding day, do not rebond your hair!! Give hair treatment a miss too. Actually we love damaged hair. They are so much easier to style. Really~

                    – Colour or add highlights to your hair. Do dye your hair in a natural brown or reddish brown to lighten your hair so your hair looks lighter. It is also prettier when it comes to hairstyling. Hair that is in all black could not present the prettiness of the curls or the hairstyles and it will look like a black toss of hair. Whereas coloured or highlights will create more depth to the hair and thus a prettier hairstyle overall.

                    – Start growing your fringe. In order to have your fringe comb across your forehead in the nicest style, your fringe have to at least grown past half of your ear.

                    – For hair trimming, I will advise when I see you for your hair trial but overall, it is best to have some layering to prevent the hair from being too heavy.

                    – The most different hair types to style would be rebonded, straight hair with no layerings.

                    Q) What should I prepare for the hair trial and actual day?

                    A) There are quite a few:

                    – Location of the makeup should have sufficient lightnings – White lights or natural sunlight. If you do not have these, at least a table light with white lights.

                    – Half /full length mirror for hair styling

                    – Face clean and hair must be dry (without styling products)

                    – A relatively high chair with back rest for you to sit

                    – A cleared table for me to put my numerous makeup stuff.

                    Q) How can I return the hair accessories to you?

                    A) I would accept return of hair accessory by registered mail only

                    I would really appreciate prompt return of hair accessories so that the brides after you could use them as well.

                    Hope these help with the questions you have in mind. Just drop me an email if you have more questions at info@cleochangmakeup.sg

                    • One reason I like videography is because of the express highlights. I can view my brides in their finest moments the next day on Facebook. While Cleo is currently still stuck posting pictures of brides of 2011, here is a sneak preview of Shanna’s actual day wedding in 2012.