• I just realized some brides might find it difficult to find my old portfolio. So just to paste an old link here for easy access.

    Please visit www.cleochang.wordpress.com for more of my past works.

    • Who wouldn’t be mesmerized with a gorgeous lady with a fabulous personality? A side hairdo for the sweetness and a very natural radiant makeup to highlight her beauty. More pictures to come.

      Gown by Chim Culture

      • Joey and Terence is such a cute couple. I actually laughed out during the makeup session when Terence was teasing Joey about something funny that happened in the past (which I shall not elaborate). Sometimes the chemistry between a couple can be so strong that the people around them, strangers like me could feel it.

        I was Joey’s makeup artist for her pre-wedding shoot and actual day wedding. On the actual day morning, we had a clean makeup look for her. Her long hair (should be around waist area) was rounded up into a low bun completed with a tiara at the back for a glamorous look. I have always like tiaras to be placed at the back coz for brides who doesn’t like flashy tiaras that make them look too princess-y, tiaras could be placed at the back of the hair to up the glam factor.

        Photography by Tiong Jin from Cream Pictures

        That is all for the day pictures. I am still hoping that Joey and Terence will post their actual day wedding pictures. A big Thank you to you both for being supportive of my new blog. :)

        • Yeah!! The pictures from Wee Ling’s wedding!! Pictures taken by me for Her Gorgeous Moments . collections are in my old blog.

          A side chignon and very natural makeup for the morning. A neat Korean twisted hairdo for the evening. A slightly heavier eye makeup in the evening as well to suit the warm lightnings of One Rochester. I think the decorations looked divine. They looked like they were underneath a large flower :)

          Just to show that it’s me!

          Photography by Ivan from Jon Keng Photography

          Special thanks to Wee ling for these fabulous pictures. Thanks for everything :)

          • In support of the fund raising for the relief work of Japan Earthquake, WPG conducted the first Bridal & Portrait workshop. I was very honored to be part of the team for this workshop, being its bridal makeup artist. Photographers conducting the workshop;

            Bryan Jean Photography
            More to Purple
            Raymond Phang Photography
            Rebirth Photography
            Gowns provided by Ted Wu

            Unlike my usual style whereby I can consult my brides what hairstyles they like, I have to think of the hairstyle on the spot to suit 2 of her gowns. The model Celest has such a chirpy personality. I love how she brought out the grace and favor of the 2 different gowns. The puffy tulle gown was princess-y and cheerful while the sleek Greek goddess look was grace and a tint of sexiness.

            Rebirth Photography – Sherman Ho

            By Rebirth Photography – Sherman Ho

            By Bryan Jean Photography – Bryan Foong

            By More to Purple – Chris Woon

            By Vanilla Film Photography – Chan Kar Mun, +65 98739399 email: vanilla.film@gmail.com

            Makeup is a natural glowing look with extra emphasis on her eyes. I had a double layer of faux eyelashes on for Celest but it still looks good and natural. Hair is twisted up into a puffy bun and another half of the hair is let down to suit the goddess gown for a more natural airy-fairy feel.

            • It had been a year since I have been following my doctor’s instructions of not using any moisturizer, sunblock and foundation for my skincare routine as it will aggravate my skin condition.

              Result: Less clotted pores and relatively darker skin tone. But skin is still highly susceptible to ache.

              I decided I have enough of my tan and I wanted a more stable skin condition so I turn to another doctor. Mind you, this doctor is highly recommended by…let me name..Carol who was one of the beautiful bride you seen in my blog, Fiona’s mum by which Fiona is a bride for a pre-wedding shoot, Li-Ann a BTB had been there as well and 5 more friends of mine had been to that clinic.

              Long story short, I am in my 2nd month of treatment. What is good about this clinic is that there is no oral medication which means no more antibiotics. Apparently the medicine to be applied will reduced oil production to make my oily skin less oily. I am happy to say, the shine on my face is greatly reduced by 70%! Usually I have to wash my face in the afternoon so my face would be less oily. Now, my face is only shiny after a day of work. The ache pimple cream I am using doesn’t cause peeling as well. So I am very happy with the current treatment.

              Doctor told me avoidance is not cure. I can continue using my makeup and most importantly sunblock and have clear complexion at the same time. I guess that is the difference between a female doctor and a male doctor. Male doctor questioned me “Are you going out farming? If not why need sunblock?” I was dumbfounded. *LAUGHS*

              Will update all about my progress in another month or two.  I thought it will be great for oily skin brides if they would like to do an intervention before their wedding. Skin that tends to be oily requires more touch up than normal to dry skin and of course more susceptible to acne. While I was queuing up, the lady behind me was busy dog-earring the bridal magazine.

              If you are interested to know the clinic that I go to, do drop me message. I have to warn you 1st, I got to queue up at 6am in the morning on a weekend I was still number 8 in line. I only get to see the doctor around 10.30am. That is how popular the clinic is.

              Disclaimer: This is my recommendation but as you know, different skin reacts differently so please do not hold me responsible if the medicine does not work on you. Let’s keep an open mind. Trial and error is the way :)

              • Rachel is a salsa teacher which might explains her bold and sexy allure. She wanted an updo so she could dance the night away without fuss. I gave her a modified version of a mo-hawk to suit her sari and her wedding gown. A punky yet classy hairstyle. A smokey eye makeup laded with 3 layers of faux eyelashes then completed with a beautiful blush. Rachel looked like a Rock Star.

                • Pearlene would be the bride that I had met the most number of times. Starting from the makeup trial, ROM, hair trial then at last her Actual Day Wedding. The times we spent trial-ing on the hairstyles, gossiping and laughing was sure fun.

                  Right from the start, Pearlene had told me what she likes so it was easy for me to work from there. And after many discussions over the emails, Pearlene settled on a side chignon for her ROM that she had fancied through my previous blog entries. Her makeup was kept natural for a blushing glowing look.

                  For her actual day wedding, it was again another round of intense round of emails and discussions – pictures of her gowns and different hairstyles to go with the gowns. After Pearlene had decided on her morning gown, we settled on a classic hairdo to go with the poofy gown.

                  For Pearlene’s 1st march in, she choose a hairstyle that she liked very much right from the start. Cascading curls for a soft romantic look. I played up her eye makeup for the evening with a slightly smokey eye makeup.

                  For Pearlene’s 2nd march in, it is elegance and chic. A dramatic smokey eye makeup with a clean swept updo finished off with a cute ribbon bling accessory that I love. This look brought out Pearlene’s slim figure and confidence.

                  Thank you Pearlene for all your support and I am extremely glad to be part of your wedding. Best wishes and keep it touch :)

                  Photography by Yi Ting from One Eye Click

                  • Cleo's Makeup Montage

                    “If you want to know where your heart is, look at where your mind goes when it wanders” – anonymous

                    I have always known what I like to do but had never had such a revelation till I came across this quote. In the crowded morning rides to work, those quiet times when I walk home, my mind wanders to my brides. “What is suitable for them” is the most frequent question I ask myself almost every day. This is where my heart is and where I long to be.

                    Even though it has just been a year since I launched my website, I have this nagging feeling that it should be better. So I took a step forward and TADA!! I am very proud to present to you my NEW HOME – Website and Blog all in one.

                    My new website will feature all my most up to date works on the front page. I will be constantly updating on;

                    – Portfolio where pictures are courtesy of brides and photographers
                    – Her Gorgeous Moments where pictures are taken by me
                    – Skin care and Beauty tips where I will share the latest bridal trends and useful skin care tips
                    – And hopefully many others when inspirations strike me (Suggestions welcome!)

                    As we have learnt recently about the power of social media, do like my facebook page to get the latest updates and get connected with me. I love to have more interactions with everyone who is about to get married, married or simply just love weddings. Throw me any questions on my wall and I will try my best to help. Give me ideas for my blogs so I can do the research for you coz I have to admit sometimes my brain is just not functioning very well.

                    I like to thank all my brides who rose up to the occasion and supported me in my new home. Thank you for the lovely testimonials that you have taken your time to write for me. I feel alittle embarrassed to have to read such wonderful comments you had for me.  You are the ones who had made all my blogs possible with your pictures and have always encouraged me to go further. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your friendship and support. I will not be importing the previous entries from my old blog so I had done a montage of all the beautiful brides I had the chance to work with.

                    Special thanks to Jerry and Wanyi. It is my blessing that you found me :)

                    And people, thank you for coming and do visit often

                    • You might remember this gorgeous bride from my previous entry in my old blog. No, I am not biased. I just got more pictures of her after her wedding. Carol had two sessions with her as it started to rain on the 1st day of the shoot. Carol being Carol, chose all poofy hairdos for 3 of her pre wedding looks. For the first day, it was a clean swept up hairdo. For the second day of the shoot, we put pink flowers to add a touch of femininity, not that she needs it though.

                      Again, all these lovely pictures are taken by Fu Sheng from Embrace Pictures. Special thanks to Carol for all the help and support you have given me. :)