• Last but not least – Joe lin Married

    Gown by Caramel & Co.
    Cheongsam by Ong Shunmugam
    Photography by An Analogy Affair

    Famous for her illusion neckline gowns with meticulous details on the bodice and soft flowing skirts, Caramel & co has won over the hearts of many hippy brides who loves all things whimsical romantic. Highly suitable for brides having their weddings in intimate settings, ready to skip around not afraid of having some fun.

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    • Wanru Married
      Gown by Emanuel B Couture
      Photography by Awesome Memories
      This gown caught my eye not only because off shoulder gown is in trend now but also because of its clean elegant fitting silhouette. There is no busy details but nice eye catching structure. Her evening gown is also her cheongsam which is what Emanuel is famous for. The happy colors brightened up the day.

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      • I have not realized it had been 5 months since I have last updated my blog. It had been a few busy months with the flying around and wedding season is right now. So, I just wanna drop by and add in a new blog to freshen the scene abit.

        I have always been very excited to see what gowns my brides will be wearing. So here I present 3 beautiful weddings, gowns designed by 3 different talented designer based in Singapore.

        Caroline Married
        Gown by Jessicacindy
        Photographer by Douglas from Aveue8
        Wedding Planner by Eternally Yours – Weddings & Events
        This beautiful gown is painstakingly cut out from hand drawn lace patterns. It must be the most complicated gown I have ever helped a bride to wear before but I can say, the effect is gorgeous. From a huge tulle gown for church to a cheongsam collar for tea ceremony, it comes one single mermaid gown. The evening gown is a playful play of purple hues that looked enchanting under the ballroom lights of St Regis when Caroline does her first dance with her new husband.

        11953376_10153071379273483_7828841652378244242_o   11875246_10153071348258483_865200954981437662_o   10604730_10153071348758483_1428683722523077662_o 10644202_10153071402753483_2302185097747017938_o 11885201_10153071401093483_4506923462007136038_n11958293_10153071407293483_3449918555464934225_o1270920_10153071407433483_4888690944741311345_o10835313_10153071414118483_1041371673506824_o11921789_10153071415833483_3485822528788160936_o

        • I always have the following request:

          – Can I have lesser coverage? I am not used to so much makeup.

          Yes, you can, provided that you have excellent skin. In my previous post, I have showed you the difference between a normal coverage vs a full coverage. I am sure all of you will agree the full coverage makeup looks so much nicer. Many people do not realize, in order to minimize the amount of makeup I have to use, you have to provide a beautiful canvas for me to work with. That being to put in alot of effort to prep your skin for the Big day.

          I am very fortunate to meet Cherry, a manager in an award winning spa – One Beauty Spa, when she came over to my studio for makeup course. She invited me over to the spa so I can pick up a few more tips to pass on to my brides.

          Keeping in mind these few points which make makeup natural and lasting
          – Supple & well moisturized skin
          – Smooth-none bumpy surface

          1: Identify your skin type and skin problems – this post will be for Oily Skin

          Oily Skin
          – Big pores
          – Rough skin surface esp around T-Zone area (build up of dead skin cells)
          – Acne
          – Acne scars
          – Shiny face
          – Dehydrated skin

          2. Myths that we have to debunked and general questions

          Q. Oily skin no need moisturize?
          A. That is not true. Your skin as it gets older, the layer of skin that helps to retain moisture on the skin surface gets thinner and thinner. You realize when you get older, your skin gets drier? This is the cause of Dehydrated skin. When your skin feels that the surface of the skin is too dry, it send a signal to the brain to produce more oil to lubricate the skin. Hence the skin will become oilier.

          Q. How can we tell if the skin is dehydrated?
          A. You have big pores (signs of oily skin) but skin looks translucent and tight (wrinkly). In more severe cases, signs of peeling can be seen especially around the nose and cheek area.

          Q. What products are suitable for oily skin?
          A. Usually gel based products are light enough for oily skin type in the day. For the evening, we can always choose a slightly creamier product.

          Q. I always use a stronger facial Wash so I can cleanse my skin thoroughly. The dry and tight feeling makes me feel the skin is really clean
          A. This is so bad for the skin. The skin feels tight because the facial wash is too harsh on your skin. Overtime, it will only cause your skin to become more dehydrated as it removes your natural oils.

          A good facial wash should make your skin feel supple and moisturized after a wash. A tip that I have (which you can call laziness) I do not use facial wash in the morning. I reasoned, I am only sleeping at night (sometimes in aircon room which makes my skin drier) it doesn’t make sense to wash my face with facial foam again. I will just wash my face with water and dab dry – leaving my natural oils still intact on my skin.

          3. What should you do in preparation for the wedding day?

          – EXFOLIATION Is very important for oily skin. Once your skin feels rough, its time to scrub those dead skin cells off.

          – Moisturize – You always hear that your skin is Dry outside but Oily inside? That means your skin is terribly dehydrated. I find the most useful product for dehydrated skin is to use Face Essence or serums and then a layer of Moisturizer.

          I am currently using Skin Perfection 100% Hyaluronic Acid + KGF from One Beauty Spa. The main difference of this product as opposed to normal moisturizer is that it helps to RETAIN moisture on your skin. I find this product helps to make my skin more moisturized and makeup glides on much better.

          From the net :  The compound works by binding with moisture in the air and retaining it for long periods of time. This hydrophilic and moisture-retaining property of hyaluronic serum is responsible for its popularity as a moisturizer and an anti-wrinkle formulation.




          – Facial & Mask – Always try to slap on a face mask when you working on your table seating arrangements. Arrange for a facial to get rid of the dead skin cells but never ever let them pick on your zits and blackheads if its approaching your big day. It is always easier for us to conceal zits than recovering black scars.

          I am collaborating with with One Beauty Spa, so if you like to go for a nice facial just quote my name Cleo Chang and you will get a discount :)


          • I often get questions as follows;

            – If you get married, who will be your makeup artist?
            – How would you do your wedding? Very lavish or simple?- Where will you hold your wedding?
            – What would you rather spend on your wedding?
            – How do you take care of your skin and hair?

            So I figured why not blog about this? This new category of #ifcleowereabride will give you an idea of how I feel wedding preparation should be like (beauty wise) and the little insider tips I sometimes hear from my brides. Of course, if you have been reading so far, you will know, I am still not married hence I am at your side just armed with alittle more information

            Let’s start with the most alluring question and one that I get the most – Who will I choose to be my makeup artist?

            Ah well, I am haven’t decided yet because  – I haven’t done any makeup trials. You are right, I am fussy. It is no surprise because I am alittle vain and it happens to be my line of expertise. So what is my selection process?

            First –  The Rounding up of names
            1. Referral by friends – They have been there, and I trust my friends.
            2. Google is my best friend. I will research under “bridal makeup artist singapore” or visit websites that have accumulate a long list of makeup artists (mua) available.

            Secondly – Portfolio
            How do one determine if the makeup artist is good? There are many layers to this question

            1. We judge by her taste and style – Does the looks she creates suit my taste? You might not like all the styles she/he created but majority of her works must be equally pleasing to the eye.

            2. Techniques –  How does the makeup look like on the brides? Does it stick on like a second skin? Are her features accentuated? How many different hairstyles can she create or she has a regular template hairstyle that she does for all brides?

            3. Consistency – When I look through a mua’s portfolio, I will flip through her albums and I need to see consistency. Her brides should be all looking good. That shows her level of maturity in practice and style. Better still, if she provides many years of portfolio for reference, we can see how much she has grown through the years and determine if this mua is a keen learner and has been improving.

            4. The last consideration is probably the hardest and also the main reason why you have to pay more for certain makeup artist. It will be the her ability to assess her different clients and bring forth their best features. No template makeup or hair. Does her hairstyle matches her face and her gown? Does this particular hairstyle make her face smaller? Does the bride still look like her but just a more beautiful her? At this point, you will be paying for the aesthetic talent of your makeup artist.

            P.S: Let’s not mass email every makeup artist in Singapore ok?

            Thirdly – Rates & Packages
            This is pretty straight forward. Always ask for a black and white package details with rates quoted. I know my own package details doesn’t write down lashes and the little things – But its all stated in T&C so, Please pay attention to the TERMS & CONDITIONS! Every mua is different.

            Personally, I prefer my brides to email me. You might not get a reply instantly but there is a record of your enquiry. Sometimes you talk to me on the phone, I will promptly forget or I will read your message and forget to answer (just coz I might be in middle of work)

            Oh, and when you enquire, to get a fast response, do state the date of your wedding and if you are having a day & night or luncheon. If possible add in the time to be ready. We can just respond to you if we are available. No use coming to & fro if the mua is already booked right? Sometimes I don’t understand why some brides rather state “end of October”, wouldn’t the full date be faster?

            Fourthly – Communicate with the makeup artist
            I will pick 2 makeup artist that falls under my budget and schedule a makeup & hair trial with the one I like the most. You might ask, why do I want a makeup trial when I did not even offer makeup trial for my own brides? I like to trust my vendors completely. So, since I am so used to do my own makeup and have a SOP, I like to per-communciate with my mua on how we could combine what she thinks is best for me and what I like to have on me. It will be extremely hard for me to let go even on my wedding day. For hairstyling wise, since I cant do my own hair, I will be looking out at how she can make my balding forehead look good.

            I always feel, we are so used to looking at ourselves in a way so when we have a professional, we should believe in her aesthetics and we will realize we can look prettier in many different ways.

            My thoughts about choosing a makeup artist
            It is important for me to trust the makeup artist I have chosen. Besides that, she must also have the ability to listen to my preferences.

            My budget for makeup is very expansive. HAHAHA. Why? Because I want to feel comfortable and beautiful on that day. Even a slightest self consciousness will spoil my mood. Guys are always complaining to me, makeup is just twice a day and you wash it away – pictures are for life. Oookkkk, my face and hair in that picture is going to stare back at me for life and my kids are going to probably laugh at me if i look funny. Because to be honest, did you laugh at your mum’s pictures? I did but because of the “vintage style”. I remember when I was little, I flipped her pre-wedding album and wonder why my dad was taking pictures with a stranger. Her actual day makeup was so much better. My mum still complains about the makeup artist she had for her pre-wedding after 30 years. It matters.

            I am starting to treat this blog as more of an information center rather than a portfolio sharing platform. I figured, if you wanna see my portfolio, head over to my facebook page or instagram. It will be easier. I am alittle slow to embrace Instagram even though I had an account just when it started. I am more of a words person. But to spring in a series of #whencleomakeups I am showcasing different makeup looks that you can consider either for daily work or for leisure. Do add me @cleochangmakeup


            • What prompts this entry – one might ask.
              I did a blog entry before explaining most brides I met doesn’t have the most perfect skin hence yes, makeup is a wonderful wonderful thing. In my career, I can remember distinctly 2 brides with perfect skin – no concealer needed. One of them sleeps at 9pm every night and goes for acupuncture every week. This is the kind of discipline required which I think few of us have.

              I understand everyone’s insecurity about their complexion. We all want to look perfect on the wedding day. People who usually doesn’t care a hoot about skin care starts to put on sun block, do masks and goes for facial. I say thumbs up for even last minute hug-buddha-leg resuscitation of the skin.

              This entry I like to point out the wonders of makeup by showing you, even if you do not have the most perfect skin, you can still look stunning. Since I do not show before and after pictures of brides, so I show myself. OK, I am still trying to convince myself its ok to post “before” picture while I am typing this.

              Aim of entry : Show how makeup can do wonders
              Skin type: Oily, acne prone skin, freckles & big pores (THE Undesirable skin type)
              Skincare: Still using the skincare products from my doctor

              TADA!! I always have brides who told me I have “good complexion”. Come on, look at this. What everyone misunderstand is a well maintained skin vs a good complexion. The only compliment I am willing to accept is that my skin is very well hydrated. When the skin is hydrated + exfoliated – it gives a raw dewy illusion of a good complexion.

              Close up, my face is littered with kisses from the angels and pores blessed with the humidity of the weather in Singapore. Plus that yellowness I can’t get rid of. BTW, I used to have alot pimples all over my forehead in secondary school, pimples on my cheeks in university and during work. I was on antibiotics before as well. So I really do understand.

              So, I have proven, I do not have great complexion. These pictures were taken a day after each. Both days I had pre-wedding jobs in the morning so I woke up at 4am.  The following picture will show you the difference between my daily makeup and the makeup I do for my brides. As this is a skin blog entry, I didnt do much eye makeup and didnt bother to cover my dark eye rings completely. Hey, I was watching Korean drama these few days, dark eye rings is popular now? How come their under eye look so dark? Anyone realize?

              Aim of picture:  Show the difference between daily and bridal skin coverage & of course the wonders of makeup

              Makeup normalBoth days, my brides (different) complimented me “you have such good skin” I kid you not. It embarrass me.

              So let me explain, the first bride who saw me in green will think I have great complexion because she saw a dewy complexion, supple skin (no dryness or peeling of skin) despite of all the nonsense on my face that are still visible.

              The second bride who saw me in grey – granted. I look flawless. I used a layer of liquid foundation and went over with airbrush for a flawless finish. Covered all my nonsense especially those on my right cheeks. My skin looks fairer (I remove my yellowness). The most beautiful part of this makeup is that the skin is illuminated which creates a more dimensional look. If you like Korean makeup, this is it. When I told her its heavy duty makeup coz I was preparing to write this blog, she was flabbergasted, “It looks so natural!!”

              People, this is why I am there for your wedding day.

              The moral of the story is that as long as we do our daily maintenance of the skin, we really do not need to be too bothered about the pimples that pop just the night before (coz it will happen) or the pores that no matter what product you use will not become smaller. Truth is makeup can make you look better and my job is not to make your pores disappear. I cant. But I can make your skin look radiant and glowy and with your smile, you will look perfect. Plus you always have your cleavage that day to distract them from your pores (i can be so funny)

              I hope I did settle some fluttering worried minds. My next blog entry I will talk more about the necessary skin care you have to do for your wedding day. Let me know what else you like to read about, I try my best :D

              •  Edna left this message on her Facebook;

                Cleo Chang Wu-Yin; When I saw your portfolio, I told Adrian that I only want you as my makeup artist. I read online that you are usually fully booked way in advance so can you imagine how delighted I was when you replied that you were available to be my makeup artist? Thank you for the flawless makeup you have done for me for the Haji Lane shoot and for the actual day. You are a gifted artist; turning an otherwise plain canvas to one that stood out in the crowd. You are one of the best decisions I have made. Thank you for all the sessions at your studio; for sharing jokes, for lending a listening ear and for comforting me when I first found out about my grandma’s passing.

                I am extremely fortunate to have met Edna. You taught me the value of friendship and how it is to appreciate the people around us. Thank you so much for coming into my life.

                16789_10155022781890578_8258627265762992882_n 1836730_10155057823970578_8315087107950639284_o 10469282_10154985339120578_4005192623178288143_o 10857275_10155022785370578_6711411817592559202_o 10897806_10155057902315578_5280077435607281447_n








                • I like 2014. 2014 brought me to many places – London, Iceland, Bali and Maldives. Places I never thought I could go.

                  2014 brought me many new friends – Brides who are always supportive of me whenever I rant on Facebook and always so quick to like my new work. New working partners that aspire me in my work.

                  I had a revelation just this beginning of the new year. People are always asking why did I end up being a makeup artist, is that my passion? I will give an awkward smile coz frankly, I have no idea what passion means. I started makeup classes straight after University and before that I care coots about makeup. Sure, I do a little makeup on myself but I was never a makeup junkie.

                  Don’t get me wrong. I love my job and I wont change it for the world. I realized, what fuel my interest in makeup or styling is not the makeup products or colors that captured so many hearts of the ladies (you guys probably have more makeup products than I have). What attracted me is the aesthetics of my job. My ever evolving theory of making someone more attractive than they ever have been is all I can think of. This is the challenge that had kept me going for years. Ahh, I’m lucky.

                  So, I am looking forward to a healthy 2015 with a little travel, more friends and some new adventures. As one of my brides puts it – It wouldnt have been without you. I want that in 2015 too.

                  Happy new year guys. And of course..Castle says Huat ah!





                  • erica

                    Ericia’s Actual Night

                    Always ready with her familiar smile.
                    That smile, that charm and eyes sparkling.
                    That night was mesmerizing.
                    Beautiful way to start the year.
                    Love, 2015

                    • Jiehui Jiehui combine


                      Jiehui’s actual day wedding – When the elements are right, Beauty presents itself


                      Minqi’s actual day wedding – I just thought I met a royalty.


                      Priscilla’s actual day wedding – Completed with that glow in the face and that sweet dimple at the side.