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    The quiet love that surrounds the two of them is just lovely.

    Pictures by Bloc Memoire Photography
    Gown by Caramel & Co

    • Jeannie Mavis 2 Rosni 2 Rosni trad 1

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        Pictures by Ivan Tan Photography


          10357701_730258980372286_3265100538483943695_o10544785_10152156431226722_7247090920931300698_n5303_10152156432011722_87797382026950715_n10270329_10152156442501722_2268658453770655321_n  10497961_730259753705542_6521905336088539840_o   10517563_10152156442461722_8333665373901965288_n10525964_10152156442961722_3939975219382966794_n10526050_10152156430691722_5955323285001422019_n

          A memorable wedding because right from the 1st time we met till her wedding, Marlene is always bubbly and even more so when surrounded with her gal pals. I had alot of fun.

          Then I spotted her doggie-in-law. He is family. Of course he should be there to witness their union. That is a fuzzy heart warming wedding.

          Marlene’s hairdo is one I am particularly proud of. Braids to give that texture and it is ever timeless.

          Pictures by The Beautiful Moment Photography

          • lilian

            Ivan told me “invisible” is what my style is.  I thought that is a very pretty way to put it.

            • Ok, we know that this is impossible. For the following reasons;

              1. Oily Skin produces pimples. FULL STOP.  Singapore’s weather is unforgiving.
              2. For some reasons, and I am assuming only ladies are reading this, brides tend to have their period on their wedding day. I don’t know why. And we all know skin looks crappy on days like these.
              3. Its your wedding. The stress, the lack of sleep, the hormones, some things are bound to appear even if you have clear skin most of the days. Really, ask your married friends.
              4. I don’t know about you but I do not know anyone who has perfect skin.

              And one might say, I might choose only brides with good skin to feature on my blog. If this is true, I really won’t have many pictures to show.

              The reason why I am writing this article is because I have been receiving questions eg: I saw your portfolio and your brides look like they have fabulous skin. I have big pores, oily skin and acne. I worried that I can’t have that simple, clean makeup look”

              Ok, firstly, all my brides have full makeup on. That is like foundation, concealer , primer and everything. Then comes the 1.5hrs of work to perfect your look. A simple look is never simple.

              Of course, I will require some constant skin care work from the bride in order to achieve the best results. Basic moisturizing, exfoliation and hydrating your skin and body is the basic steps to make sure your skin is supple for the makeup. So you have some acne on that day, just remember, makeup does wonders. Leave the worries to me.

              I am still not going to put before and after pictures.

              A typical wedding day


              • View More: http://milantehstudio.pass.us/idranzixin View More: http://milantehstudio.pass.us/idranzixin

                10501679_10152742166133072_8446483397083989596_n View More: http://milantehstudio.pass.us/idranzixin


                When one embraces the belief of her loved one, I feel it bring their hearts closer.

                Pictures by Milan Teh Studio
                Gown by Time Taken to Make a Dress

                • adele_ian356 adele_ian360 adele_ian692 adele_ian897 adele_ian950 adele_ian1027

                  When the bride says she isn’t wearing white, you know its going to be a whole new experience. With the beautiful fluffy bird cage veil to the striking red lips, Adele never fails to amaze me with her taste and yes, alittle of her quirkiness.

                  Pictures by Ivan Tan Photography
                  Gown by Yu

                  • A few months ago, Skin inc invited me to do a review on their products. I am surprised but thrilled as well coz I have heard of their product and really interested to try their products. As I am not a regular beauty blogger, I do not feel the pressure to publish my article without really using it. So I took my time to really use their products and figure out which would be suitable for my brides. So here’s the beautiful package;


                    Skin type: Oily
                    Mission: Stay hydrated and whitening

                    Let’s start with my Favorite product from this set – Pure Deep Sea Hydrating Mask

                    It is my favorite simply because it works wonders. On my trip to London & Iceland in April, it was still chilly and Iceland extreme weather made my oily skin very dry. The long working hours during the shoot and dehydration took a toll on my skin. When I am back in Singapore, the skin around my cheeks and nose were peeling and tight.
                    So 1st night I had on extremely thick layer of Skinc hydrating mask and left it on to sleep. The next morning, the skin was around my cheeks were well hydrated and I was left with only the peeling on the nose. I had the mask on for consecutive 3 nights and viola, my skin is supple and “piong piong” like new.

                    It is mild enough for me to use it on consecutive nights without causing outbreaks while effective enough to repair my skin. I didnt have makeup on in the picture and well, you could see the pimples I had unfortunately accumulated through the trip.

                    I would definitely recommend brides to try this hydrating product. When the skin is hydrated, the makeup will stay longer and more even on the skin.


                    Product: Pure Snow White Mask


                    We have always heard the whitening mask will dry up your skin but not this one. After I wash my face, the skin doesnt feel tight at all and the skin totally brightens up immediately. The velvety texture of the mask makes it very easy to apply and to wash off. Definitely one of the most effective whitening mask I have used before.

                    Product: My Daily Dose

                    This product was specially mixed for my skin. I wanted something that will brighten my skin and lighten the pigmentation I have on my cheeks. My Daily Dose absorbs very quickly into my skin and not oily at all so I am loving the product. But I do have to note, it will take a longer time to see the effect. I would love to try it for more than 1 bottle to see the real effect. I mean if it is customised, I am pretty sure the effect will be more obvious.

                    Product: Pure Revival Peel

                    It is a facial scrub which is very mild. You apply on dry skin and rub it off the face. I would say this is a great product for people with sensitive to dry skin just because it is so mild. It definitely did not much for me partly because I am used to face scrub that are more grainy. I think for oily skin, we produce more dead skin cells hence we need bigger help in the grainy scrub. So this one doesnt work for me, but I think it will do pretty well for other skin type.

                    20140603_122905 copy

                    So this is me with a little makeup. Usually people with dull yellowish skin do not suit pinkish colors but I did my makeup after the mask and hey, I love the overall whitening effect. Makes me feel younger.

                    Overall I will definitely purchase the hydrating and the whitening mask for my own use because it really works for me :)

                    • For June a youthful looking bride who loves Carebears so her makeup and hairstyling has to complement her cute personality.