• A blink of the eye. I remember I was texting a friend and pops out on whatsapp that it is 1st March. Really? Where did all the time go? I want my last year to 30 years old last slightly longer, thank you very much.

    On the other hand, I am proud to say I have accomplished what I had set out to do last year in these short months.

    New Achievements

    1. 3D Korean Eyebrow Embroidery

    As some of you might have realized, Cleo is now offering  3D Eyebrow Embroidery services. It is a semi permanent solution for everyone (ladies & gentlemen) who suffered some kind of inconveniences either with drawing the eyebrows, born with virtually no eyebrows or a having a scar in the eyebrow. Remember –  Beautiful brows are a Right – Not a privilege.

    Click here for the post on my creations.

    2. Airbrush Makeup

    I think as anyone in a job, once you reach a level, you like to push on further to perfect your skills. In makeup, the opportunities are boundless. I am always looking for ways to create the perfect skin for all my clients. Airbrush makeup is going to bring me up a notch.

    What is Airbrush Makeup?

    Airbrush makeup is makeup sprayed onto the skin using an airbrush gun instead of being applied with sponges, brushes, fingers, or other methods. It used to be only used in creative makeup in the film industry but has grown popular with the advert for high definition TV and camera.

    I love the coverage especially on acne skin as I do not need to pile on lots of concealer yet achieve a smooth finish. I am really liking this.

    More details on Airbrush makeup in my blog Airbrush post here.

    What else to look out in 2014.

    1. Traveling for work

    I will be going to London and Iceland in April. Initially I was reluctant to fight the cold weather but who am I to reject the warm invitation of my bridal couple and I will be traveling with the best company ever – Joe from Acapella Photography. We had a blast in New Zealand last year and we are looking forward to this trip again. I didn’t get to go London last year, this makes up for it. The museum, the park and the shopping.

    And Bali is waiting for me in June. I am still available for travel in August so do contact me if you are interested to do overseas pre-wedding. The early the better so my weekends are free to travel or else if I am booked for jobs on weekends, I could not travel for long distance.

    2. Professional Makeup Course coming up

    I am still in discussion to come up with a comprehensive course for aspiring makeup artists. I have been to a number of makeup schools and teachers in Taiwan and Singapore and I know what are important to students starting out on a career. With my partner, we will fuse our experiences and provide the most comprehensive outline for aspiring makeup artists without having to walk and tumbled through pit holes like how we did.

    2014 is looking good :)

    • What is Airbrush Makeup?

      A definition found on Wikipedia:

      Airbrush makeup is makeup sprayed onto the skin using an airbrush instead of being applied with sponges, brushes, fingers, or other methods. The effect is like how they spray paint a car.

      Advantages of Airbrush Makeup

      1.  As the makeup is sprayed on, it connects with the skin as millions of droplets of formula.The formula can create an even, sheer, natural appearance to the skin that, if applied properly for a natural look, can appear natural and non-heavy like traditional makeup.

      2. Provides flawless coverage and look very delicate on High definition camera as opposed to traditional makeup that can settle into pores and wrinkles.

      3. It can be faster if done properly.


      1. Boils down to the skill of the makeup artist, sometimes airbrush can be too thick and hot spots can be formed if not done properly.

      2. Some scilione based air brush foundation might be cause some sensitivity.

      My opinions

      My skin: Oily (Will shine in a few hours) but a little dry on some areas as I am not too diligent with moisturizer or when I am on medication with occasional pimples

      My verdict:

      1. I like how fast the application is. I am very particular about the finish and my blending. My face must be a smooth canvas. For traditional makeup, I have to pat my whole face and bend it really well to achieve that look. For airbrush, it covers my pimples very well without the use of concealer and it takes like 5 mins? For traditional, I might take about 10 to 15 mins.

      2. The finish is very smooth and feels like like 2nd skin. Its full coverage but uses only very little foundation. Hence it is good for my dry areas as the droplets stuck on the skin, it doesnt cause my skin to dry out. You know especially on peeling skin, when you try to apply foundation or concealer, it gets drier and the peels get more obvious? Airbrush doesn’t have this problem at all.

      3. The only troublesome thing is I have to clean my spray gun after every use and I happen to have purchase the professional airbrush system so its quite heavy. The good thing is brides do not have to worry about this and with my airbrush system, we can complete the foundation for a large group of bridesmaid in very short amount of time.

      Overall I really love it. I try to use it every time I do my makeup.

      Q & A

      – What brand of foundation am I using?

      A. I am still using my regular foundation which means I blend my own foundations for my airbrush coz they did not give allergy issues to sensitive skin. Hence Big Love.

      – Does it airbrush makeup last longer?

      A. On practical, I find it as durable as traditional application.

      – What type of complexion is suitable for Airbrush?

      A. I will think Airbrush works well with all skin types. For dry skin, it doesn’t dry the skin as much. For acne skin, the coverage is smoother. Airbrush makeup is a technique. What is the determining factor of the suitability to one’s skin is the foundation used, not the technique used.

      Since I no longer take pictures of before and after, I am contemplating of putting my own pictures. I still haven’t find the guts yet, Just maybe I will.

      • It is always nice to have foreign brides coming to Singapore and placing their trust in us. I always learn something new from them and it is always fun to know more about their wedding culture.

        Jennifer has a pit stop in Singapore for her Pre-wedding before going back to Australia. Taken in the settings of Raffles hotel (I do realize foreign couples love to stay in Raffles Hotel) it provides a romantic feel and yet a striking constant between her hanbok and the colonial backdrop in the hotel.  I gave Jennifer a high textured bun to suit her romantic sheath gown and her fun han bok.

        Pictures by Derrick Ong Photography

        • A quiet and unassuming demeanor is the impression I have of Rachael. I knew just the right braided hairstyle I wanted to go with her lace gown. Sometimes, it is the bride’s demeanor that makes it so easy for me to design a hairstyle for her. Evening was a chic sideways let down to go with her Karen Miller gown.


          • 2013 came and we had a blast.

            The biggest achievement we had in 2013 is coming together with Ivan Tan Photography and rent a beautiful place at 110 Joo Chiat Road. Yes, I have my own special place now. It is a cosy shophouse where I conduct my makeup and hair trials. Makeup lessons are done here as well. It feels great to be able to provide a beautiful environment for my brides to relax while we chit chat over the trial. Truth is that even though I do not talk while I work on actual day, I feel brides do not feel restricted with me because we already connected during our trials.

            DSC_0339pSo welcome to my humble space.

            Next milestone is the having Denise with me as my new assistant. She is currently available for bookings for mum and sister package and sometimes you can see us working together. We are still in the midst of buliding her portfolio for bigger things in the future and I do see us together for a long time.

            Clove – Makeup . Hair

            And of course, I have to rave about how wonderful all my brides were in 2013. Thank you for the trust everyone had given me and the friendship we had fostered together. I look forward to seeing many happily-after pictures and pictures of new born babies gracing my facebook.

            Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do a collage of my brides of 2013 as I usually would have as my imac decided its a good time to erase old memories and create new ones. Essentially it meant I have lost most of my pictures. Nevertheless, I managed to compile a slideshow for a flashback on 2013. Enjoy and march on!




            • 12 16b 20 24 28b(1) 34b 38b 39A vintage inspired shoot.

              Glamorous Finger waves curls with beautiful winged eyeliner to bring out the vintage love. Luscious red lips for that ooozz factor

              Beautifully done

              Photography by Bloc Memoire
              Dresses by Caramel & Co.
              Shoes by Marxb
              Make up by Cleo Chang – Makeup & Hair
              Video by Twenty8picks https://vimeo.com/83468124

              Widely featured in The Wedding Scoop – http://www.theweddingscoop.com/entry/vintage-and-nostalgic-styled-engagement-shoot-with-cheongsams

              • Sunday night, I was thinking, I should not have arranged anything on a Monday. Monday should be a rest day. *grumbles* So reluctantly, I started my day with I think the best roti prata in Singapore to smooth my grumpiness. After feasting on 3 pratas (yes 3), I decided at least I am well fed and watered and I am ready to start my day, white dog across the road caught my eyes. He was wandering around, sniffing at chairs, walking happily with his tail waving up in the air.

                I was abit startled. He seemed alone. I looked around. No humans. So this naughty thing was indeed embarking his own adventure this Monday morning. So I scooped him up and went around the neighborhood to knock on the doors to see if he had just escaped. Alas, no one recognized him and no one could lend me a lease to walk him back. So poor “mummy-of-the-day” had to hug this adventurous sweety-pie all the way back to her studio. It was no easy feat coz my arms are aching today. He is that heavy.  And, he did not even bark at me once. He might be abit disappointed to be scooped up but he seemed pretty happy to be in my studio. Hey! Another adventure. It just doesn’t stop! Not once did he show that he was afraid.

                Sweety pie was very well behaved and soooooo cute. He sat quietly in my studio while I work. Entertained everyone. We were all smitten. I mean just look at Ivan.

                20140113_131111PhotoGrid_1389666008029Ivan put up posters near the coffee shop where I found him. I was secretly hoping we could at least keep him for one night so sweety pie could come home with me to play with Castle. (I didnt mention I have a dog name Castle right?) Castle is totally cute but he has never been affectionate. When I hug Castle he will have a paw erected so I could not hug him completely. Haiz, to be constantly rejected by your own son. What other rejections in life could scar me more?

                We are both happy and sad that Hachi managed to find his humans. We really enjoyed his company for the day. It is great to have a furry friend around you while you work. He is just there to make everyone happy. When I was driving home, I got alittle emotional. I wish I am like Hachi. Living a sheltered life, well loved and well groomed (not that I am not) but Hachi is ready for his adventure. Once he had his chance, he run for it. Stopping around to smell the new surroundings, hardly afraid he is venturing into something new. When strangers came, he smiled and make friends with everyone. He was truly savoring every moment. When his owner came and took him back, Hachi wasn’t totally thrilled (he was happy though, licking his owner’s face), but I think in his little mind he knew this marks the end of his adventure and Sigh, when is the next one coming?

                I think we all have to be alittle adventurous. You never know who you get to meet or what new experiences you will gain. Hachi had a great time (I believe) lying on my carpet and watch pretty girls. Having said that, I am heading to Kulau Lumpur next week for a short course. I have always not-so fancy traveling and traveling alone is double the not-so-fancy feeling and KL is not exactly a dream place to go to. But after yesterday, I am going to be like Hachi, embracing every new experiences with gusto!

                IMG-20140113-WA0021He looks like my dog already. I will miss you :)

                • Smile to a Merry Christmas

                  Celebrating Christmas at her 1st home, Cleo is giving out Christmas treats.

                  Pre-wedding packages will be at 10% off for sign ups for Jan to Mar’14.

                  Email me at info@cleochangmakeup.sg for more details.

                  Merry ChristmasHOHOHOHOHO

                  • Sweet Yvoonne had me around for her pre-wedding and her actual day. I raved about her beautiful gown and I also have to rave about how she looked all all 3 days. We designed a hairstyle that will keep away her hair so as to highlight her beautiful gown. For her prewedding, we had a modern look with light curls falling down to create a romantic soft look. For her actual day is a more elegant look and the evening we had it in a side chignon for a romantic look as well. The wonderful thing about the night look is that it fell off to become a side braid suitable for her short tutu dress for her second march in.

                    Makeup is kept minimum and rosy and I think the best compliment Yvonne gave me was that day after her pre-wedding shoot when her hubby gave me the thumbs up. Ok. Its official. Cleo does makeup that your husband will like. Coz you still look like you, just a lovelier version :)

                    • 543949_681267825246705_1314230201_n

                      Ah Yes, I havent been updating my blog for awhile now. Lots of exciting things happened which kept me busy these few months. Finally after fanatically looking through our schedules, Ivan and I found a date for our “Open Shop”

                      I met Ivan a few years ago at a wedding. We didn’t get to talk coz I remember it was wee hours in the morning. But I remember being very impressed by the pictures I saw after the wedding. Who is that young photographer I remembered asking. Fast forward a few years after, I kept meeting up this young photographer at meetings and viola, we are sharing a studio space together. Hello Ivan Tan Photography.

                      We invited close friends both from work and life to warm up our space even though we had been using the space for awhile now. It just was difficult coordinating Ivan’s flying schedule and turned out I was flying out quite alot as well and weekends are just totally out of the question.

                      Looking back at how far I have came from, lugging my luggage on public transport to taking taxis to bride’s house for trials to finally having a space of my own, I really is secretly amazed by myself. This wasn’t easy. I am and will be grateful forever to those who helped Cleo became who she is today.

                      Looking at the pictures we took that day at the photobooth. It looked alittle surreal to me. I haven’t looked this way since my working days in Suntec when I was with colleagues that allowed me to look stupid coz we were that close. Makeup is a lonely job. You eat alone and travel alone. And I am notorious for looking too stern while doing makeup (I swear I am concentrating not because I am in a bad mood). In fact I am a morning person. Ok, maybe Wansheng is right. I cannot multi task. Do makeup is do makeup. No talking! Well trained in school I guess.

                      1463670_681266548580166_1448505674_n 1467229_681265101913644_1162631750_nBack to the photos, yes, Cleo used to be a little nut job. A far cry from the serious look she always portray. Working with Ivan (who is so much younger) seems to make me a little more fun. Or I hope so coz age is catching up. I realize soon, I should be writing about my end year and my new year blog entry. There is this theory that time went by faster as we grew older because we are doing mundane repeating things on a daily basis. Unlike when we were in school, we were always caught up with new experiences and happenings (like who doesn’t friend who, who is going out with whom) these makes days longer and more fulfilling. I wonder if we all feel the same way?

                      A big thank you for those who came. Those who didn’t, you were on my mind.

                      Pics here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.681263871913767.1073741838.328583593848465&type=1

                      Video here: https://vimeo.com/80781905