Carol + Dennis Pre-Wedding Part 2

You might remember this gorgeous bride from my previous entry in my old blog. No, I am not biased. I just got more pictures of her after her wedding. Carol had two sessions with her as it started to rain on the 1st day of the shoot. Carol being Carol, chose all poofy hairdos for 3 of her pre wedding looks. For the first day, it was a clean swept up hairdo. For the second day of the shoot, we put pink flowers to add a touch of femininity, not that she needs it though.

Again, all these lovely pictures are taken by Fu Sheng from Embrace Pictures. Special thanks to Carol for all the help and support you have given me. :)



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    1. Carol says:

      Hi Cleo,
      Nice website! I am impressed with this new website! I do read your blog every now and then to check out the beautiful brides that you worked with!
      Just want to drop a note to say hi!
      Keep up the good work and keep this passion going! :)

      P.s I am flattered and honoured that you used one of our photograph for your banner under “Packages and Services” . :)

      Take Care!!

      With regards,

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