Cleo is 100 Most Loved Beauty Professional in CozyCot

This came as a surprise. When I saw the rest on the list, I was like “Seriously? Me too?”

Well, I am brisking in the love. Do like my profile if you happen to be a satisfied customer of mine, a blood related member of mine, a very good friend of mine or you just want me to walk away with a mystery gift from CozyCot for being voted “Dearest Beauty Professional”. I promise I will share what I received here, if I received it. Alluring is it not?

Click on the print screen to bring you to Cozycot’s profile of Cleo and “like” it !!

Thanks a million people. Appreciate the thoughts and support :)

    2 Responses to “Cleo is 100 Most Loved Beauty Professional in CozyCot”

    1. Pearlene says:

      hi cleo! kudos well deserved! *clap clap* talking a walk down your blog always puts a smile on my face seeing so many beautiful brides you have worked with. :) great job, girl! keep it up! :)

      • Cleo Chang says:

        Hi Pearlene,

        Thank you for your comments. Hee, I am really surprised to be chosen. Hopefully I can think of more things to write on my blog. Juices are not flowing = lazy.
        Thanks for the support. Have a great day!!

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