Audrey Actual Day + Night

Everyone has their unique style. Sometimes it is very obvious sometimes we need to look deeper. When Audrey showed me what she planned to wear in her hair on her wedding day, I know I have a bohemian bride on my hands.

I love how she paired her wedding gown with a chunky gold necklace. Her hair is braided to a side chignon for a more relaxed demeanor. Her actual evening, she handmade a hairpiece to be wore across her forehead. Gutsy to the max.

I feel some things are meant to be. Audrey chose the same photographer I did for her pre-wedding (mine is for causal) that’s Joseph. When we were chit chatting before her march in for her ROM and she told me her march in song. That gave me the goosebumps. That was exactly the same song I am thinking to use for my wedding march in. It isnt a popular song so gosh am I surprised. Audrey said its fated. I believe it is :)

Pictures by Kent Wong photography

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