Fenni’s Actual Day Wedding

I will say again, Fenni and her husband is one dynamic couple. I guess you get to have this bond when both started on an enterprise together and has to work and understand each other not just as a couple but as working partners as well. That being said, Fenni and her husband Swito are the owners of Rent Tycoons. Do check it out!

Fenni decided on her wedding day she wanted to incorporate a necklace that she had bought to be her hair accessory. So I have to come out with a new hairstyle to fit in her necklace yet to go with her gown. And I must say, both of us love the outcome. This is something out of the norm for me, so I am quite happy to have a break through.

For her evening, Fenni, always unconventional asked for a cute bow for her evening hairdo. Totally suits her I think. Love the unconventional elements of this wedding :)

Pictures by Plush Photography

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    1. Swito says:

      Thank you Cleo for this wonderful article about Fenni and I. We are very blessed to have you as a part of our wedding. Our God is an awesome God! Thanks. Swito

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