Cleo’s Before & After

What prompts this entry – one might ask.
I did a blog entry before explaining most brides I met doesn’t have the most perfect skin hence yes, makeup is a wonderful wonderful thing. In my career, I can remember distinctly 2 brides with perfect skin – no concealer needed. One of them sleeps at 9pm every night and goes for acupuncture every week. This is the kind of discipline required which I think few of us have.

I understand everyone’s insecurity about their complexion. We all want to look perfect on the wedding day. People who usually doesn’t care a hoot about skin care starts to put on sun block, do masks and goes for facial. I say thumbs up for even last minute hug-buddha-leg resuscitation of the skin.

This entry I like to point out the wonders of makeup by showing you, even if you do not have the most perfect skin, you can still look stunning. Since I do not show before and after pictures of brides, so I show myself. OK, I am still trying to convince myself its ok to post “before” picture while I am typing this.

Aim of entry : Show how makeup can do wonders
Skin type: Oily, acne prone skin, freckles & big pores (THE Undesirable skin type)
Skincare: Still using the skincare products from my doctor

TADA!! I always have brides who told me I have “good complexion”. Come on, look at this. What everyone misunderstand is a well maintained skin vs a good complexion. The only compliment I am willing to accept is that my skin is very well hydrated. When the skin is hydrated + exfoliated – it gives a raw dewy illusion of a good complexion.

Close up, my face is littered with kisses from the angels and pores blessed with the humidity of the weather in Singapore. Plus that yellowness I can’t get rid of. BTW, I used to have alot pimples all over my forehead in secondary school, pimples on my cheeks in university and during work. I was on antibiotics before as well. So I really do understand.

So, I have proven, I do not have great complexion. These pictures were taken a day after each. Both days I had pre-wedding jobs in the morning so I woke up at 4am.  The following picture will show you the difference between my daily makeup and the makeup I do for my brides. As this is a skin blog entry, I didnt do much eye makeup and didnt bother to cover my dark eye rings completely. Hey, I was watching Korean drama these few days, dark eye rings is popular now? How come their under eye look so dark? Anyone realize?

Aim of picture:  Show the difference between daily and bridal skin coverage & of course the wonders of makeup

Makeup normalBoth days, my brides (different) complimented me “you have such good skin” I kid you not. It embarrass me.

So let me explain, the first bride who saw me in green will think I have great complexion because she saw a dewy complexion, supple skin (no dryness or peeling of skin) despite of all the nonsense on my face that are still visible.

The second bride who saw me in grey – granted. I look flawless. I used a layer of liquid foundation and went over with airbrush for a flawless finish. Covered all my nonsense especially those on my right cheeks. My skin looks fairer (I remove my yellowness). The most beautiful part of this makeup is that the skin is illuminated which creates a more dimensional look. If you like Korean makeup, this is it. When I told her its heavy duty makeup coz I was preparing to write this blog, she was flabbergasted, “It looks so natural!!”

People, this is why I am there for your wedding day.

The moral of the story is that as long as we do our daily maintenance of the skin, we really do not need to be too bothered about the pimples that pop just the night before (coz it will happen) or the pores that no matter what product you use will not become smaller. Truth is makeup can make you look better and my job is not to make your pores disappear. I cant. But I can make your skin look radiant and glowy and with your smile, you will look perfect. Plus you always have your cleavage that day to distract them from your pores (i can be so funny)

I hope I did settle some fluttering worried minds. My next blog entry I will talk more about the necessary skin care you have to do for your wedding day. Let me know what else you like to read about, I try my best :D

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