A checklist to bring you through the start of your enquiry with Cleo right till the end of your big day.

Part One: The Enquiry

  • Do state the Package that you are enquiring after, the Date of the event, the Time you have to be ready and your contact number in your email.
  • I always tell my brides I prefer email correspondence because this allows me to keep track of our conversations. I can’t remember what I have said over the phone. This is good for you as well because this way I can’t deny whatever I have promised *Ha*

Part Two: The Confirmation + Deposit

  • If you are confirming my services, I will need a 50% deposit of the whole package to book that time slot for you.
  • Deposit could be done through internet transfer and upon transferring, do send me an email so I could check and revert.
  • A receipt for the deposit will be issued to you. All outstanding amount will be paid on the day itself in cash.

Part Three: The Information needed

  • Do take pictures of you in the gown during your fitting. This will facilitate the discussion for hair and makeup.
  • Do take some time to do a little research on the hairstyles that you like. I can tell you what I think looks good on you but you might not agree. So do let me know your preferences so we can discuss more from there.
  • Discussion for the makeup and hair will take place after you confirm your gowns. I will prefer take a look at your pictures 1st and follow on, we can meet up and talk more~

Part Four: The Discussion

  • A month before the wedding, do contact me to arrange a date for your hair trial.
  • Trials where applicable will be done within a month to the actual day as it will be more accurate to access the hair and skin condition by then.
  • Trials will be held on weekdays at my studio at 262 Balestier Road.

Part Five: The Actual Day

  • Your hair should be dry.
  • If possible, do put on a moisturizing mask before the makeup session.
  • Please prepare a big mirror, a low back chair (preferably a high chair) and a cleared table for me to put my makeup stuff (so we can start immediately when I reach)
  • I will leave as soon as the makeup and hair is done and I will meet you again in the hotel for the evening makeup.
  • Outstanding payment will be required to be settled in cash on the spot on the day itself.

Part Six: After your Big Day

  • Do remember to return my hair accessory to me personally or via registered mail to get your deposit back!
  • I do not accept normal mailing coz that damages my accessories. Please understand.