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“If you want to know where your heart is, look at where your mind goes when it wanders” – anonymous

I have always known what I like to do but had never had such a revelation till I came across this quote. In the crowded morning rides to work, those quiet times when I walk home, my mind wanders to my brides. “What is suitable for them” is the most frequent question I ask myself almost every day. This is where my heart is and where I long to be.

Even though it has just been a year since I launched my website, I have this nagging feeling that it should be better. So I took a step forward and TADA!! I am very proud to present to you my NEW HOME – Website and Blog all in one.

My new website will feature all my most up to date works on the front page. I will be constantly updating on;

– Portfolio where pictures are courtesy of brides and photographers
– Her Gorgeous Moments where pictures are taken by me
– Skin care and Beauty tips where I will share the latest bridal trends and useful skin care tips
– And hopefully many others when inspirations strike me (Suggestions welcome!)

As we have learnt recently about the power of social media, do like my facebook page to get the latest updates and get connected with me. I love to have more interactions with everyone who is about to get married, married or simply just love weddings. Throw me any questions on my wall and I will try my best to help. Give me ideas for my blogs so I can do the research for you coz I have to admit sometimes my brain is just not functioning very well.

I like to thank all my brides who rose up to the occasion and supported me in my new home. Thank you for the lovely testimonials that you have taken your time to write for me. I feel alittle embarrassed to have to read such wonderful comments you had for me.  You are the ones who had made all my blogs possible with your pictures and have always encouraged me to go further. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your friendship and support. I will not be importing the previous entries from my old blog so I had done a montage of all the beautiful brides I had the chance to work with.

Special thanks to Jerry and Wanyi. It is my blessing that you found me :)

And people, thank you for coming and do visit often

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