It had been a year since I have been following my doctor’s instructions of not using any moisturizer, sunblock and foundation for my skincare routine as it will aggravate my skin condition.

Result: Less clotted pores and relatively darker skin tone. But skin is still highly susceptible to ache.

I decided I have enough of my tan and I wanted a more stable skin condition so I turn to another doctor. Mind you, this doctor is highly recommended by…let me name..Carol who was one of the beautiful bride you seen in my blog, Fiona’s mum by which Fiona is a bride for a pre-wedding shoot, Li-Ann a BTB had been there as well and 5 more friends of mine had been to that clinic.

Long story short, I am in my 2nd month of treatment. What is good about this clinic is that there is no oral medication which means no more antibiotics. Apparently the medicine to be applied will reduced oil production to make my oily skin less oily. I am happy to say, the shine on my face is greatly reduced by 70%! Usually I have to wash my face in the afternoon so my face would be less oily. Now, my face is only shiny after a day of work. The ache pimple cream I am using doesn’t cause peeling as well. So I am very happy with the current treatment.

Doctor told me avoidance is not cure. I can continue using my makeup and most importantly sunblock and have clear complexion at the same time. I guess that is the difference between a female doctor and a male doctor. Male doctor questioned me “Are you going out farming? If not why need sunblock?” I was dumbfounded. *LAUGHS*

Will update all about my progress in another month or two.  I thought it will be great for oily skin brides if they would like to do an intervention before their wedding. Skin that tends to be oily requires more touch up than normal to dry skin and of course more susceptible to acne. While I was queuing up, the lady behind me was busy dog-earring the bridal magazine.

If you are interested to know the clinic that I go to, do drop me message. I have to warn you 1st, I got to queue up at 6am in the morning on a weekend I was still number 8 in line. I only get to see the doctor around 10.30am. That is how popular the clinic is.

Disclaimer: This is my recommendation but as you know, different skin reacts differently so please do not hold me responsible if the medicine does not work on you. Let’s keep an open mind. Trial and error is the way :)

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      Hi Cleo, I’m interested too, Can let me know the clinic? Thanks alot in advance

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