Joey + Terence Actual Day

Joey and Terence is such a cute couple. I actually laughed out during the makeup session when Terence was teasing Joey about something funny that happened in the past (which I shall not elaborate). Sometimes the chemistry between a couple can be so strong that the people around them, strangers like me could feel it.

I was Joey’s makeup artist for her pre-wedding shoot and actual day wedding. On the actual day morning, we had a clean makeup look for her. Her long hair (should be around waist area) was rounded up into a low bun completed with a tiara at the back for a glamorous look. I have always like tiaras to be placed at the back coz for brides who doesn’t like flashy tiaras that make them look too princess-y, tiaras could be placed at the back of the hair to up the glam factor.

Photography by Tiong Jin from Cream Pictures

That is all for the day pictures. I am still hoping that Joey and Terence will post their actual day wedding pictures. A big Thank you to you both for being supportive of my new blog. :)

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    1. Joey says:

      Hi Cleo!

      It was a pleasant experience having you as my Hair and make up artist :) As for our actual day pix.. my dear hubby is still not done with his photoshop.. :p Take great care!

      With Love,
      Joey and Terence

      • Cleo Chang says:

        Hi Joey and Terence

        Lol, Thanks for your comment. It was a great working for the two of you. Best wishes :)

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