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Kane for her actual evening. She wanted something that is more romantic and soft so I gave her a slightly messy updo. The essence of this hairdo was her fringe and the loose curls framing her face for the touch of softness to her features (Ok, I admit, I love the back of the hairdo too). I had Kane to trim a little of her hair prior to her wedding day in order to achieve this effect and I would say this looked stunning on her. Her makeup is kept natural with a little eyeliner and faux eyelashes to bring out her eyes. Love this romantic look and with the fantastic lightnings, I captured Kane beautifully, I would say.

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    1. Ling says:

      Love the hair and make-up you did here! So natural and soft. It really suits her gown too. Such looks are so much better than the overdone, heavily made-up looks which tend to look dated within a few years.

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