It was a great hiatus since my last post, not counting the one I finally posted up yesterday after realizing I haven’t posted anything for 2 weeks.

I was not exactly free. I thought I would be as it was the Chinese 7th month and all bridal assignments came to a stop. What I didn’t realize is the whole lot of hair trials I have to conduct in anticipation of the upcoming surge of weddings in September and October. I am still panic-kingly looking at my list of brides and trying to allocate hair trials slots to suit everybody.

Since we are on this topic, let me talk alittle about my hair trials. If you seen my package details, you will realize there is a complimentary hair trial in my bridal packages one to three.This hair trial is not transferable to other services. Now, why do I have this hair trial?

I always thought hairstyles speaks volume to one’s character. Like, a some-what serious person would don a some-what serious hairstyle. This is like a rule coz that particular hairstyle suits her character. Think Edna Mode in “The Incredibles”. Her creators gave her blunt cuts to suit her no-nonsense business character. As the makeup artist and hair stylist, I have to take into considerations of the bride’s character and give her something that is suitable. A hair trial gives us a chance to bond and discuss over the hairstyles together, which I think is far difficult to achieve than makeup. I personally find hair trials though mind simulating are very tiring, as it spans longer than the actual day itself. So trust me, it is a really good deal.

So with my weekends all used up for hair trials, this left me little time for myself after I come home from work. Yeah, I still have a full time job but this is besides the point. I am spending the few hours I have now watching this great comedy sitcom “The Big Bang Theory”. I have always been a great fan of comedy sitcoms. The last time I blogged about “Everybody Loves Raymond” which I am still watching repeats and it still makes me laugh. I think this is the only leisurely thing I can do with my supposedly “free time” and it thoroughly relaxes me. I have watched “Friends” for more than 5 times not by choice but coz they had always been on the 7pm time slots by which you can watch its re-runs repeatedly after you reach home from school. The next most watched re-runs would be “The Nanny”. Somehow the sitcoms nowadays are not as funny as the past. I failed to see how “Two and a half men” is funny.

Anyways, I am very taken in with Sheldon Cooper, the main cast of “The Big Bang Theory” and the actor Jim Parsons himself.  His eccentricities are just so endearing, and I guess I like him because I wish I could be like him. To be able to ignore the social obligations and live his life as he wants it to be. Plus he is really cute looking.

I am talking so much about sitcoms because I think if you happen to like one of it, then we probably are of the same frequency. I am always thrilled when one of my brides happened to blurt out something like ” This is going to be legen -wait a min dary!” -from “How I met your mother. Or hymned to the songs of Glee. These happened before. I feel I known her for ages.

It is the start of September, a busy month for me. I hope I’ll get back to posting pictures very soon.  And to end my ramblings with one of Sheldon’s jibbers jabbles;

“I was expecting applause but I suppose stunned silence is equally appropriate.”

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