Xueni + Terence Actual day wedding

Here’s a video of my lovable and so-very-pretty secondary school friend’s actual day wedding. You can hear her giggling, which was practically what she was doing the whole day, that is why it is great to have videos on your actual day.

It is one of the best experience I had this year working with her. Don’t get me wrong, I kept saying I enjoyed working with my brides and everyone seemed to be great for me. This is extra special because I have known her since secondary one (and we got off the wrong foot) but became great friends till the end of secondary school. Looking back at the pictures we took after our ‘O’ levels at Sentosa, those innocent smiling and act-cute poses we had, I would never have guess that I would be by your side making you prettier and dressing you up (trying not to peep while you were changing) on your big day. Oh boy, aren’t you lucky? LOL, KIDDING!

Getting all sentimental. But I will leave it till the pictures are up.

Hope you enjoyed the fantastic video. Again its from Alvinadelineweddings Cinematography

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