Ru Yi’s ROM

I met up with Ru yi before months before her ROM to discuss about her hairstyle because surprise, surprise, she was one of the guest of my bride. We decided on the hairstyle but on the actual day of her ROM, some inspiration just came swooshing in when I was half way doing her makeup. I saw her dress so instead of an elegant korean like updo, I did a poofy hairdo, finished with a ribbon to up the sweet appeal.

I am really relieved that Ruyi was very open minded and trusted me with her hair. I really thought this suits her more than what I had in mind for her initially. Sometimes, being inspired is not enough, you must have the trust in order to make things work. Thank you Ru yi :D

I especially like Ruyi’s portraits taken by Oh! Dear Photography . Maybe because this is through a lady’s perspective. Very lovely.

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