The End of 2011 (Bunny year)

It is a few days into the new year and I have yet to update my blog. In my defense, I really needed that few days break :D

Well, actually the year didnt seem to end for me. In the wedding industry, I feel like I am syncing myself to the lunar calendar. My busy days, my off days are dependent on the Chinese calendar and of course what the fengshi masters think are the good dates to get married. It is just funny to me why so many people with different (ba zhi)  just happen to be able to marry at that same dates. It is actually the photographers and makeup artist (at least for me) to bribe a few fengshi masters to spread the dates out and make the auspicious hours a little later like 10am? Oh my sweet bunny, that will be a great day for us all.

Maybe it was such a good year to get married, I was swamped with work and I didnt really get the time to have any rest. Taxi uncles who chit chatted with me, (sometimes I initiated the conversation because being a makeup artist can be a lonely trade. You wake up early and eat lunch alone, pass time in hotel lobbies to catch a nap and then head home at night) warned me to have some leisure time for myself or else “your boyfriend will run away”. Not just one uncle who said this. It is always pretty interesting to chit chat with them. Always learn something new.

To wrap things up for 2011, My Been there, Done that List for 2011

  • Cut my hair and looked very chic – talk about being egocentric
  • Upgraded to an awesome website with an awesome blog
  • Established record of starting makeup at 2.30am
  • Makeup Artist for my secondary and JC classmate
  • Discovered that I had lost my genuine smile – Is working to get it back
  • Finally touched a Vera Wang’s gown – twice
  • Worked with familiar photographers and always a joy to work with familiar faces.
  • Visited Bangkok for the first time
  • Went for course in Taiwan
  • No social life – I think I can count the number of times I went out with my friends. Ten fingers.
  • Been to Kota Kinubaulu for work and had the best pancakes
  • Zombie-fied – Woke up 4am and worked till 8pm for consecutive 5 days
  • Won Cozycot awards as one of the most loved beauty professionals
  • Realized the only way I can meet up with that goodlooking senior in school is when he is the groom of my bride
  • All my brides had been fabulous

I am thankful for all I had been given and gained over the past year. And again like always, thank everyone for the trust and support from brides, photographers, friends, family and the boyfriend. We had a great run :)

To wish everyone a very happy new year ahead

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