My Makeup

My dad (who doesn’t know a single thing about makeup) commented to me last night, “You must use quality cosmetics so your brides will have faith in you”.

Then I told him I just depotted my eye shadows from their original cases because they were too heavy. He gave me an extreme eyeroll. :roll:

Well, the story goes like this. My makeup luggage is just getting heavier and heavier over time when as I am fanatically buying more and more colors. Especially for Chanel cases, which are targeted to normal consumers, their glossy black glamorous cases are so pretty but so heavy and bulky. Shu Umera and Bobbi Brown which are for professional makeup artists are packaged in a way that are more user-friendly.

Hence, I decided to depot all my colors and arrange them according to shades into a compact case. Firstly it lightens my load and secondly, I save time from rampaging through my makeup cases looking for the colors.

I have my fears that customers might think I am using cheap products after I depotted the colors. So I try to avoid using the centre of the Chanel eyeshadow so the Chanel logo is still visible and try to flash the logo at the customers so they know they are really quality makeup I am using. So scheming right?

For a peace of mind, just like to have a post here to show my makeup are all from reputable brands. I like using colors from Chanel and Bobbi Brown. Occasionally, I will drift to Shu Umera and my current favorite is from Burberry.

So do not worry about the products and let’s all enjoy the makeup process.


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