I am writing this post with an angry and disappointed heart. This is something so simple, why is it so hard to follow?

I provide hair accessories and hair extensions for my brides so that they can look gorgeous on their wedding day. Not everyone are blessed with voluminous amount of hair which makes hairstyling result so much prettier. Not everyone has hair that can hold curls in Singapore’s humidity and heat. Not every bridal studio provides decent hair accessories that are shiny and not delicate. Why? Because it cost alot. Hair extensions wear out after at most 10 times. Hair accessories lost its shine after being hair-sprayed for a few times.

But, I really went through the effort to provide the best I could for my brides. Every time I go back to Taiwan, I spend huge amount of time searching for the accessories that I think my brides will like and replenish all my stocks. Then I have to luge them back to Singapore again.

All I ask if that for the brides to send the hair accessories loaned to me back via registered mail. Just this small effort I ask from you. I do not even care about the deposit amount that will be forfeited if my accessories are lost because once lost, I know I can never buy back the same design anymore. And I have to wait till the next Taiwan trip before I can replenish my stocks. The time wasted kills me.

So I have to change my terms and conditions again:

– For every accessory loaned, a deposit of SGD 100 will be required. Deposit will be fully refundable upon receiving the accessory in its original condition. Deposit will be forfeited and a full payment of the cost price of the hair accessory will be chargeable for failure to comply with this condition.

I only accept return of hair accessories via Registered mail only. If accessories are received via regular mail, SGD50 will be forfeited. If accessories are damaged or lost through regular mail, the full sum deposit will be forfeited.

A makeup artist friend once ask me why I have to bring hair accessories for the brides. She never did. That is because I love to give my brides more options. I care to.

I have brides who know they are too busy to return the hair accessories to me and they opted not to use mine. I am more than happy to do that. If you belong to this group, do tell me. Or else, let’s not make lovely-hardworking Cleo’s blood boils when she sees her hair accessories in regular mail or worst never to see it again.

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