Full Speed ahead

I am starting to realize that I have not even posted pictures of my brides who had hitched in January. In the past, I constantly worries that I do not have enough pictures for my portfolio so I only post once a week. Now, there are these backlogs that I feel ashamed of myself.

So expect more frequent updates from my sides. It is going to be end of the year soon. Time pass by so quickly.

On a totally unrelated note, I was doing my usual research online. Sometimes I will look at the works of other makeup artists, in Singapore and overseas. Everyone has their own unique style. And each of us, do have our customer base. Sometimes I will think, do I have to branch out more, be more adventurous in my style so I can capture more client base? But again, I will never want to put my brides in anything that I will not wear/do (unless requested). So I was thinking, on my wedding day, do I want to be in a hairstyle that is so out of the norm that scares my husband away? You know, you thought it will be romantic, my husband looking out of the window and I walked towards him, he turned his head and “WAH”. I scared him.

Well, I guess I got my conclusion. Natural is still what I want to do, and what I do best :)

Braids are so in right now. I wanna do something like this. Anyone?

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