A few years ago, I had written a blog entry stating I am no longer posting before and after pictures on my blog. I thought I left that behind me. Recently I received requests for before and after pictures again which prompted me to reflect my stance.

Awhile ago, a bride did a makeup trial and she took the before and after pictures for her own viewing. She gamely sent the picture to me ( I didn’t asked for it so I was a little surprised) and bless my little heart. Even though I was the makeup artist, I didnt expect to see the such a transformation. You see, in my tiny brain when I am working, it is to improve and improve. That is all I was thinking about.

I know if I post such before and after pictures on my blog, there will be an audience..

So I went back and look at that blog entry and reflect if I made the right choice. Do I want people to say, Oh your makeup artist have such good skills!! I look down at the picture and think, yes, people will say that. Then I covered up the before picture, I imagine people saying to my bride that day, Oh, you looked beautiful.

I still prefer the second. I do not need people to be awed at my skills. My brides are that beautiful.


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