Florentine Love

IMG-20130411-WA0012Around four years ago, I was in Venice. And again in 2013, work brought me to Florence. I am very lucky to be working with Chris from More to Purple again.

For this trip it was really a work and leisure trip. I thought hey, I should reward myself for working that hard last year (but if you have realized I had rewarded myself plenty of times already, this excuse is getting real old) What makes this trip even more memorable is that I am again super lucky to have some personal friends traveling to Florence to be with me on this trip. I was thinking maybe I really did something good in my past life to deserve all these.

The 1st 4 days before work commenced was really all fun. My friends and I went from shopping to sightseeing to walking night markets in Florence on weekends. Even though I am very much a shopping kind of person, I have to say sightseeing in Florence win hands down. Under the recommendations of the concierge, we took a longer route to San Gimignano, an anicent city out of Florence. Along the way, we were greeted with the lovely picturesque of early spring. Yellow fields of blossoms, rows of extremely straight trees and different tones of green pastures.

There is really so much impulse to jump out of the car just to take pictures. But this way, I guess we wont make it to our destination at all.  Daddy once told me, he never like to take many scenery pictures. He told me to really appreciate with your eyes and remember in your mind. Nothing will be as beautiful as your memories. Funny how this little speech stuck with me for so long. Make me miss my dad alittle now. Anyways, photographers are also busy spreading this mentality. Put down your cameras and enjoy your moments with the wedding couples in weddings. Leave the photo taking to the professionals.

We didnt make it to Siena but hey, I don’t intend to make this my last trip to Florence.  I would love to go back again and stay even longer to explore the rest of the places. Our last stop was at San Gimignano which is a beautiful ancient city – the funny thing is that on the next day, I went there again with the bride for photoshoot! We walked through the town and it is exactly how you seen in the movies. There are churches, schools, a common well (which I mistaken it as an execution area) , long windy roads and orchards. I still amazed that people are still staying in this well preserved city which was started 3BC.


Work was equally pleasant. We have 2 wonderful couples with us this time, each couple bringing their distinctive style and romance to Florence. I witness the quiet, strong and supportive love shared among one of the couples which makes me think, marriage essentially is all about finding someone right for companionship. The other couple brought a burst of colors, passion and playfulness into the mix and hey, love comes in all forms and ways :)  IMG-20130412-WA0028

 Of course tons of pictures to be shared when its ready. Thats us taking a break. Haggard yar?

The rest of the days after the shoot, we didnt leave Florence as planned simply because the shoots were alittle too exhausting. But Florence had so much to offer so we truly enjoyed ourselves there. resturant OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is us in Bottega. Someone spent alot.

Many nice memories in Florence. Till again then Florence.

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