Cleo + Ivan + Jules Open Shop at 110 Joo Chiat Road


Ah Yes, I havent been updating my blog for awhile now. Lots of exciting things happened which kept me busy these few months. Finally after fanatically looking through our schedules, Ivan and I found a date for our “Open Shop”

I met Ivan a few years ago at a wedding. We didn’t get to talk coz I remember it was wee hours in the morning. But I remember being very impressed by the pictures I saw after the wedding. Who is that young photographer I remembered asking. Fast forward a few years after, I kept meeting up this young photographer at meetings and viola, we are sharing a studio space together. Hello Ivan Tan Photography.

We invited close friends both from work and life to warm up our space even though we had been using the space for awhile now. It just was difficult coordinating Ivan’s flying schedule and turned out I was flying out quite alot as well and weekends are just totally out of the question.

Looking back at how far I have came from, lugging my luggage on public transport to taking taxis to bride’s house for trials to finally having a space of my own, I really is secretly amazed by myself. This wasn’t easy. I am and will be grateful forever to those who helped Cleo became who she is today.

Looking at the pictures we took that day at the photobooth. It looked alittle surreal to me. I haven’t looked this way since my working days in Suntec when I was with colleagues that allowed me to look stupid coz we were that close. Makeup is a lonely job. You eat alone and travel alone. And I am notorious for looking too stern while doing makeup (I swear I am concentrating not because I am in a bad mood). In fact I am a morning person. Ok, maybe Wansheng is right. I cannot multi task. Do makeup is do makeup. No talking! Well trained in school I guess.

1463670_681266548580166_1448505674_n 1467229_681265101913644_1162631750_nBack to the photos, yes, Cleo used to be a little nut job. A far cry from the serious look she always portray. Working with Ivan (who is so much younger) seems to make me a little more fun. Or I hope so coz age is catching up. I realize soon, I should be writing about my end year and my new year blog entry. There is this theory that time went by faster as we grew older because we are doing mundane repeating things on a daily basis. Unlike when we were in school, we were always caught up with new experiences and happenings (like who doesn’t friend who, who is going out with whom) these makes days longer and more fulfilling. I wonder if we all feel the same way?

A big thank you for those who came. Those who didn’t, you were on my mind.

Pics here:

Video here:

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