The Perfect Day

Sunday night, I was thinking, I should not have arranged anything on a Monday. Monday should be a rest day. *grumbles* So reluctantly, I started my day with I think the best roti prata in Singapore to smooth my grumpiness. After feasting on 3 pratas (yes 3), I decided at least I am well fed and watered and I am ready to start my day, white dog across the road caught my eyes. He was wandering around, sniffing at chairs, walking happily with his tail waving up in the air.

I was abit startled. He seemed alone. I looked around. No humans. So this naughty thing was indeed embarking his own adventure this Monday morning. So I scooped him up and went around the neighborhood to knock on the doors to see if he had just escaped. Alas, no one recognized him and no one could lend me a lease to walk him back. So poor “mummy-of-the-day” had to hug this adventurous sweety-pie all the way back to her studio. It was no easy feat coz my arms are aching today. He is that heavy.  And, he did not even bark at me once. He might be abit disappointed to be scooped up but he seemed pretty happy to be in my studio. Hey! Another adventure. It just doesn’t stop! Not once did he show that he was afraid.

Sweety pie was very well behaved and soooooo cute. He sat quietly in my studio while I work. Entertained everyone. We were all smitten. I mean just look at Ivan.

20140113_131111PhotoGrid_1389666008029Ivan put up posters near the coffee shop where I found him. I was secretly hoping we could at least keep him for one night so sweety pie could come home with me to play with Castle. (I didnt mention I have a dog name Castle right?) Castle is totally cute but he has never been affectionate. When I hug Castle he will have a paw erected so I could not hug him completely. Haiz, to be constantly rejected by your own son. What other rejections in life could scar me more?

We are both happy and sad that Hachi managed to find his humans. We really enjoyed his company for the day. It is great to have a furry friend around you while you work. He is just there to make everyone happy. When I was driving home, I got alittle emotional. I wish I am like Hachi. Living a sheltered life, well loved and well groomed (not that I am not) but Hachi is ready for his adventure. Once he had his chance, he run for it. Stopping around to smell the new surroundings, hardly afraid he is venturing into something new. When strangers came, he smiled and make friends with everyone. He was truly savoring every moment. When his owner came and took him back, Hachi wasn’t totally thrilled (he was happy though, licking his owner’s face), but I think in his little mind he knew this marks the end of his adventure and Sigh, when is the next one coming?

I think we all have to be alittle adventurous. You never know who you get to meet or what new experiences you will gain. Hachi had a great time (I believe) lying on my carpet and watch pretty girls. Having said that, I am heading to Kulau Lumpur next week for a short course. I have always not-so fancy traveling and traveling alone is double the not-so-fancy feeling and KL is not exactly a dream place to go to. But after yesterday, I am going to be like Hachi, embracing every new experiences with gusto!

IMG-20140113-WA0021He looks like my dog already. I will miss you :)

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