ROM Celebration

Brides to be always ask me what is the difference between ROM and the actual day wedding. The most apparent difference will ROM is always a causal affair, for a few friends and close family members. It will be a short affair and brides are usually decked out in their simpler and more causal dresses.

Hence in terms of makeup and hairstyles we always go with clean fresh makeup and hairstyles that is not overdone to go with the special occasion.

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Qiyi’s ROM

Pictures by Kai from LightedPixies  1049161_10152993218430360_596703360_o 1048729_10152993223125360_104385145_o 942120_10152993218805360_1030213506_n 1053162_10152993249275360_1647357251_o

Kailing’s ROM

Pictures by Altissimo Studios

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