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Late night makes me feel like writing. I have been quite conscientious on updating my blog – I love my new website. I simplified and further simplified. The new Look book is a real hit among brides and I really love the clear layout to showcase my work.I have learnt more about website coding and color codes and those technical terms than I would have normally care for. I am pretty proud of myself and hey, it proves that it just takes some determination to venture into the unknown.

Having said that, I launched my new website especially for my 3D eyebrow embroidery. It used to be together in this website but I really didn’t like to see beautiful brides pictures and then suddenly a picture of an eyebrow, albeit it being beautiful too, I thought it lost some of the romantic touch I like to maintain in my website. Hence, from now on do refer to my yet another beautiful website – Sozo by Cleo Chang
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My brides on fb will somewhat know I am quite busy. Half a year has gone by and I love Joo Chiat which is where my studio is. Its really kampung spirit here. I love it when the uncle at the drink stall knew my orders and especially when the Indian stall uncle gave me big bowl of mutton coz he knows I love them. Studio looks exceptionally beautiful in the morning when the sunlight shines through the attic window. It can be alittle lonely working alone but I have Castle with me.

castle 1

He is about 1.5 years old now and extremely playful. I cant imagine life without him anymore. He pulled down my curtains and attempted to fight it when he is very bored when Mummy is working. Hence he is always delighted if the grooms come along so someone can play with him. So next time if you happen to visit, just say hi to him while he barks his hellos to you and pat him on his head. Castle is an attention seeker but is really sweet. The nights when I stayed up late, Castle will leave his bed and come to my room to look for me – I have to sleep after that to make him happy.

My friends are saying I will become an old deranged dog-loving woman coz I am always working. I think after graduation, I have never stop working – Mon to Sundays. I am literally lost when I suddenly have weekends free. What do people do on weekends? Even now, people think that hey, full-time makeup artist, you should have alot of time now. Somehow I just manage to find things to do. I go gym now. I finally admit that I have reached an age whereby exercising becomes necessary. If you are at Fitness first JEM, you might see a forlorn figure there on tuesday mornings.

Hence I can only talk about work – its the centre of my life besides family. This year brought me to London, Iceland and Bali. All 3 places meant alot to me. I made 2 wonderful travel buddies and Iceland was a fantastic short trip. We missed our flight, had ghostly encounters, car stuck in sand and I fulfilled a promise I made to myself when I was younger – to wear a wedding gown before I reached 30 if I am not married yet. So there you go, helping Joe from Acapella Photography in his pictures as his model and having tons of fun along the way.

I love the picture in the red gown – The snow on my hair, the wind in my face, wandering lost amidst the cruel wildness alone yet strong. I like the poetic elements of it. If anyone is considering, Iceland is a beautiful place. And we might be going again next year so join us if you are interested.

I will be heading back to Taiwan again in August for a good break and to accompany my mum for her hospital visits and taking more lessons again (nothing new). I am bracing myself for the wedding season at the end of the year all the way till next year Jan. I am grateful for the blessings I have received just this half of the year and can’t wait to meet the rest of the brides. So here I end with this family shoot done by Ivan. Couldn’t have done anything without them :)


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