Your Brides have Fabulous skin!

Ok, we know that this is impossible. For the following reasons;

1. Oily Skin produces pimples. FULL STOP.  Singapore’s weather is unforgiving.
2. For some reasons, and I am assuming only ladies are reading this, brides tend to have their period on their wedding day. I don’t know why. And we all know skin looks crappy on days like these.
3. Its your wedding. The stress, the lack of sleep, the hormones, some things are bound to appear even if you have clear skin most of the days. Really, ask your married friends.
4. I don’t know about you but I do not know anyone who has perfect skin.

And one might say, I might choose only brides with good skin to feature on my blog. If this is true, I really won’t have many pictures to show.

The reason why I am writing this article is because I have been receiving questions eg: I saw your portfolio and your brides look like they have fabulous skin. I have big pores, oily skin and acne. I worried that I can’t have that simple, clean makeup look”

Ok, firstly, all my brides have full makeup on. That is like foundation, concealer , primer and everything. Then comes the 1.5hrs of work to perfect your look. A simple look is never simple.

Of course, I will require some constant skin care work from the bride in order to achieve the best results. Basic moisturizing, exfoliation and hydrating your skin and body is the basic steps to make sure your skin is supple for the makeup. So you have some acne on that day, just remember, makeup does wonders. Leave the worries to me.

I am still not going to put before and after pictures.

A typical wedding day


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