Hello to a new year

I like 2014. 2014 brought me to many places – London, Iceland, Bali and Maldives. Places I never thought I could go.

2014 brought me many new friends – Brides who are always supportive of me whenever I rant on Facebook and always so quick to like my new work. New working partners that aspire me in my work.

I had a revelation just this beginning of the new year. People are always asking why did I end up being a makeup artist, is that my passion? I will give an awkward smile coz frankly, I have no idea what passion means. I started makeup classes straight after University and before that I care coots about makeup. Sure, I do a little makeup on myself but I was never a makeup junkie.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my job and I wont change it for the world. I realized, what fuel my interest in makeup or styling is not the makeup products or colors that captured so many hearts of the ladies (you guys probably have more makeup products than I have). What attracted me is the aesthetics of my job. My ever evolving theory of making someone more attractive than they ever have been is all I can think of. This is the challenge that had kept me going for years. Ahh, I’m lucky.

So, I am looking forward to a healthy 2015 with a little travel, more friends and some new adventures. As one of my brides puts it – It wouldnt have been without you. I want that in 2015 too.

Happy new year guys. And of course..Castle says Huat ah!





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