#ifcleowereabride – Skin Care for Oily Skin

I always have the following request:

– Can I have lesser coverage? I am not used to so much makeup.

Yes, you can, provided that you have excellent skin. In my previous post, I have showed you the difference between a normal coverage vs a full coverage. I am sure all of you will agree the full coverage makeup looks so much nicer. Many people do not realize, in order to minimize the amount of makeup I have to use, you have to provide a beautiful canvas for me to work with. That being to put in alot of effort to prep your skin for the Big day.

I am very fortunate to meet Cherry, a manager in an award winning spa – One Beauty Spa, when she came over to my studio for makeup course. She invited me over to the spa so I can pick up a few more tips to pass on to my brides.

Keeping in mind these few points which make makeup natural and lasting
– Supple & well moisturized skin
– Smooth-none bumpy surface

1: Identify your skin type and skin problems – this post will be for Oily Skin

Oily Skin
– Big pores
– Rough skin surface esp around T-Zone area (build up of dead skin cells)
– Acne
– Acne scars
– Shiny face
– Dehydrated skin

2. Myths that we have to debunked and general questions

Q. Oily skin no need moisturize?
A. That is not true. Your skin as it gets older, the layer of skin that helps to retain moisture on the skin surface gets thinner and thinner. You realize when you get older, your skin gets drier? This is the cause of Dehydrated skin. When your skin feels that the surface of the skin is too dry, it send a signal to the brain to produce more oil to lubricate the skin. Hence the skin will become oilier.

Q. How can we tell if the skin is dehydrated?
A. You have big pores (signs of oily skin) but skin looks translucent and tight (wrinkly). In more severe cases, signs of peeling can be seen especially around the nose and cheek area.

Q. What products are suitable for oily skin?
A. Usually gel based products are light enough for oily skin type in the day. For the evening, we can always choose a slightly creamier product.

Q. I always use a stronger facial Wash so I can cleanse my skin thoroughly. The dry and tight feeling makes me feel the skin is really clean
A. This is so bad for the skin. The skin feels tight because the facial wash is too harsh on your skin. Overtime, it will only cause your skin to become more dehydrated as it removes your natural oils.

A good facial wash should make your skin feel supple and moisturized after a wash. A tip that I have (which you can call laziness) I do not use facial wash in the morning. I reasoned, I am only sleeping at night (sometimes in aircon room which makes my skin drier) it doesn’t make sense to wash my face with facial foam again. I will just wash my face with water and dab dry – leaving my natural oils still intact on my skin.

3. What should you do in preparation for the wedding day?

– EXFOLIATION Is very important for oily skin. Once your skin feels rough, its time to scrub those dead skin cells off.

– Moisturize – You always hear that your skin is Dry outside but Oily inside? That means your skin is terribly dehydrated. I find the most useful product for dehydrated skin is to use Face Essence or serums and then a layer of Moisturizer.

I am currently using Skin Perfection 100% Hyaluronic Acid + KGF from One Beauty Spa. The main difference of this product as opposed to normal moisturizer is that it helps to RETAIN moisture on your skin. I find this product helps to make my skin more moisturized and makeup glides on much better.

From the net :  The compound works by binding with moisture in the air and retaining it for long periods of time. This hydrophilic and moisture-retaining property of hyaluronic serum is responsible for its popularity as a moisturizer and an anti-wrinkle formulation.




– Facial & Mask – Always try to slap on a face mask when you working on your table seating arrangements. Arrange for a facial to get rid of the dead skin cells but never ever let them pick on your zits and blackheads if its approaching your big day. It is always easier for us to conceal zits than recovering black scars.

I am collaborating with with One Beauty Spa, so if you like to go for a nice facial just quote my name Cleo Chang and you will get a discount :)