Working with Super Panda Presents

The wedding industry is small and saturated. There are always new blood coming in yet somehow we always get to meet the same group of people.

For the coming few entries, I am dedicating a blog post each to the few photographers that I am lucky to work with several times in 2015 and be glad to call them my friends. And to avoid nepotism – Not that I have that power of course but to avoid misunderstanding, sequence of blog post is not in order of favoritism. Is only a matter of how many pictures I have on hand right now and I really want to finish this before Chinese new year. It is based on practicality.

This blog post is dedicated to Superpanda Presents , Joseph for his friendship and thank you for taking and sending me so many beautiful pictures. Looking through the entire album, I appreciate how he captures the emotions of his couples so causally and naturally and of course his beautiful portraiture of the couples always make me swoons.

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