Working with Samuel Goh Photography

It must have really meant something when we kept seeing each other in 2015. We counted, its a total of 6 weddings and 2 major wedding events – Crate & Barrel and The Wedding Scoop event.

There is a noticeable similarity in our couples. The weddings are always small and intimate. Our brides have this whimsical bohemian vibe – think flowy gowns, wild flowers, creative intricate art and impeccable taste. These reflect in their taste for Samuel’s quiet yet impactful portraits, capturing the raw emotions these couples causally portray before his lens.

Thank you for the pictures, it had been a great year working with you and I look forward to more :) Now, let us feast on the wonderful pictures and click for more at Samuel Goh Photography

Vanessa Married – Fullerton Hotel

SamuelGohPhotography-Ivan+Vanessa-22 SamuelGohPhotography-Ivan+Vanessa-101 SamuelGohPhotography-Ivan+Vanessa-241 SamuelGohPhotography-Ivan+Vanessa-451 SamuelGohPhotography-Ivan+Vanessa-531 SamuelGohPhotography-Ivan+Vanessa-788


Angeline Married – Chijmes
11216595_10153041104250869_2155057179462874425_n 11828632_10153041103905869_9177365423150846758_n 11855710_10153041104475869_8355249895560140331_nSing lynn Married – One Rochester

Samuel Goh Photography - Sing Lynn + Angus-61 Samuel Goh Photography - Sing Lynn + Angus-233 Samuel Goh Photography - Sing Lynn + Angus-234

Stella Pre-wedding – Bontanical Gardens

SamuelGohPhotography-Stella+Sherman-12 SamuelGohPhotography-Stella+Sherman-17 SamuelGohPhotography-Stella+Sherman-80 SamuelGohPhotography-Stella+Sherman-89 SamuelGohPhotography-Stella+Sherman-155Jazreel Pre-wedding – For The Wedding Scoop

SamuelGohPhotography-Jazreel+Leroy-2 SamuelGohPhotography-Jazreel+Leroy-11 SamuelGohPhotography-Jazreel+Leroy-14 SamuelGohPhotography-Jazreel+Leroy-47 SamuelGohPhotography-Jazreel+Leroy-62 SamuelGohPhotography-Jazreel+Leroy-69