Through my many years as a Makeup artist, I have come to realize how important eyebrows are to define one’s features. And aren’t we always frustrated over

1. Trying to draw and balance our brows everyday
2. The over-plucked brows that refused to grow
3. Eyebrows that disappeared with your makeup after half a day?

Eyebrow embroidery is a semi-permanent technique to create fuller brows. Here I provide 3 different techniques so clients can choose the best technique to suit their brows and skin type.

Powder Gradient
  • Results: Misty eyebrow pencil shaded in color. Gradient color for a softer look
  • Suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES
  • Suitable for clients who are used to drawing their brows
  • Suitable for clients who
    – have very light colored brows
    – with thin brows and want to make their brow alot thicker

6D or Strokes
  • Results: Hair like strokes that look like real brow hair
  • Suitable for DRY SKIN
  • Suitable for clients who doesn’t want to look like they did embroidery
  • Suitable for clients who has even distributed brow so that the strokes can be hidden with the brow hair

Powder + 6D
  • Results: Even gradient color with strokes.
  • Suitable for ALL SKIN TYPE. 6D strokes for oily skin will fade off faster.
  • Suitable for all eyebrow types Powder gives a even color base and strokes adds in dimension

The whole procedure will take about 2.5hrs. This will consist of;

– A consultation to evaluate the suitable brow shape for your features. I will -be drawing out the brow shapes.
– After confirmation of brow shape, I will apply numbing cream to reduce discomfort during process.
– All needles are one time use only and will be discarded immediately after the session
– The touch up session will take place after 1 month and within 2 months.
– For Powder embroidery it will be SGD 420 for the 1st session and SGD 170 for a touch up, touch has to be done within 2 months.
– A deposit of SGD 100 is required if you like to confirm your appointment. Deposit is non-refundable.